Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 1: DONE!

Week one is done and so am I!  But really, this week has been quite an eye opening experience for me.  I think I'd continue on for week two, but the trail of snot running down the back of my throat says otherwise.  I'm sick once again and I just want some real food, like an egg, is that really so bad?!  No it's not, but it's not on the plan because the plan is only a short term weight loss kick-off.  It's not something that's sustainable and it's not meant to be.  Doing this 2 week rapid weight loss plan by Dr Oz, I averaged under 900 calories/day.  Of course you'll lose weight!  And I did.  I lost a grand total of 8lbs in 1 week (and that includes one day of cheating where I had half a piece of pizza and some icecream *gasp*)  So here are the 1 week stats:

                          Current                 Starting                 Difference
Weight:              179.6                     187.6                      -8 lbs
Waist:                  45"                        46"                        -1"
Bust:                    43"                        44"                        -1"
Hips:                    44.5"                     45"                        -.5"
Thigh:                  21.25"                   21.25"                    0
Bicep:                  13.25"                   13.25"                    0

Here's my conclusion to this whole experience:  whole foods is the way to go.  God provided all of these nutrient rich foods for us to eat and that's what we should be eating.  I'm sure I'll have an occasional splurge and eat or drink something processed, but it won't be the norm like it has been for too long.  Our diet will now focus on whole grains, fruits, veggies, & lean meats and I will get back into the swing of things at the gym.  I've come to point where I  realized that if I eat whole foods and it doesn't cause me to lose weight, I am ok with that, because I will be doing what is healthiest for my body.  I don't need to keep beating myself down about this weight thing because it's not good for my mental state.  If I'm bigger than I used to be, then so be it, at least I will be healthy and that is what is really important. 

Bonus!  My tastes have definitely changed in just a week's time.  I don't crave soda like I used to.  I tried a Mt Dew on Saturday night and it really wasn't as good as I remember.  It was very very sweet and I just kinda wanted water instead.  I have also been drinking a TON of water which I've never been very good at and I'm proud that I've crossed that line where it's actually enjoyable for me instead of something I just have to chug through to make it to 8 glasses a day.  Plus if you drink water with a meal instead of soda, beer, juice, whatever you really get to enjoy the full taste of the food as well. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 3 and VAHS lottery

IThis day has been the easiest thus far.  I do have a carton of mint chocolate chip ice cream staring at me everytime I open the freezer, but I have denied the urge to go at it.  After my saltine bing last night I haven't had anymore nausea or headache, but I do have a bit of face pain from the incision site.  It actually kinda feels like bone pain but I'm guessing that's just due to it being located on my cheekbone.  The dermatologist even called me last night to see how I was doing and remind me to take it easy fir a few days, that was sweet.  Today I actually had less of an appetite than normal which I'm going to take as a sign of my stomach slowly shrinking back to a normal size.  I had a much harder time downing the warm lemon water because it turned out super sour.  Since I had used up our 2 big mugs already I had to use a regular mug which meant the water to lemon ratio was off.  Therefore I didn't do the breakfast smoothie and instead just ate a banana.  When I start thinking about 'cheating' I keep praying and being reminded that God has provided all of these nutrient rich foods in abundance to not only sustain my body but to make it thrive!  I tried my hand at a ratatouille recipe tonight that included eggplant and it was all right.  I added some cubed chicken since I knew the kids would hate a plate full of cooked veggies, but they told me how gross it was anyway.  I can't say it was my favorite dish ever but it was edible and tony really liked it.  

Embry and I also went to the lottery at vail academy and high school today to see if she got into their kindergarten class.  They had 22 kinder spots and I think about 47 kids wanting in.  End of story is embry got spot 21 which means that if nothing else happens she will be in the class.  Although if another kid trying to get into another grade got in today with the lottery and they also had a sibling that was trying to get into kinder with the lottery, but didn't make the cut, then that sibling trying to get into kinder would automatically bump embry down a spot.  So if that happened twice then she would not have a spot in the class.  

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 2 & moh's surgery

Ugh, today was ROUGH!  I altered my smoothie so it was actually slightly enjoyable (a full banana and 1T of each flax seed and protein powder instead of 2T each).  At mops I didn't even visit the snack table (but saw from afar that it was filled with donuts and cookies, drool).  At about 10am I started getting what turned into a horrible headache.  When I got home from mops I felt nauseated and was so tired I fell asleep multiple times while tony was home for lunch.  Then it was time for my derm appt to have moh's surgery to remove the basal cell carcinoma.  Problem was that I still felt awful and they told me to eat a big meal before coming since it might take a while, but I only ate halftime salad for lunch since I was nauseous.  :/  Anyhow, good news is the surgery went well.  They only had to remove one chunk and then stitched me up.  Since I'm on blood thinners it's a little more concerning for recovery but they put me on antibiotics and gave me some Percocet just in case.  As I was getting stitched up, she told me that I was already bruising so I need to ice around the area to prevent swelling.  I keep this bandage on for 48 hours and then switch to a smaller bandage and then at 10 days I go back to have the stitches removed.  Bummer in all this is that since they put me on abx, I can't go in for my infusion again this week which was supposed to happen tomorrow.  Oh well, I'm. Sure I'll survive!  End of story is that I was still nauseous when I got home and I couldn't fathom eating any real food so I splurged and ate saltines.  Of course immediately felt better and rest assured those were the best crackers I've ever tasted!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014


Well it was hard, I'm not gonna lie.  The warm lemon water almost made me gag, then the smoothie tasted like a chalky, seedy, nasty cup of nasty.  I added 2 extra strawberries and a but of lemon juice to make it tolerable and then conjured up a straw so I didn't get the grit on my teeth.  It was super thick but it definitely kept me full until lunchtime so that's a plus!  Lunch was fantastic but I tried some of those snap-pea crisps (in Caesar flavor) as an afternoon snack and blech!  I just can't get over the pea aftertaste, so tony can have at 'em!  I was super hungry by dinner time and I didn't start my brown rice soon enough so my chicken and asparagus was done way before the rice.  Even without the rice, the dinner was so delicious.  I could have had 3 more servings (and would have if I wasn't on a mission here).  I went to the store tonight to get some nuts and pickles, which are 2 of the approved snacks, so I don't run into the same problem tomorrow that I did today. I took some screen shots of myfitnesspal because I was so proud of how I ate!  

Hopefully I continue to feel this sense of accomplishment as the days go on.  Only 13 days to go!  


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dr. Oz 2 Week Rapid Weight Loss

Well, I'm starting this tomorrow:
In general I stand by my previous statement that I hate Dr. Oz.  I think he's a nut-job.  Seriously, you're not supposed to eat anything that tastes good...AT ALL?!  That's garbage.  My thought is that you shouldn't deprive yourself of things completely but just do things in moderation.  Well, that's my problem, my moderation setting in my brain, it's broken.  It broke a long time ago.  In fact, I'm not sure if I was even born with one, so that's why I'm doing this.  I'm good at following instructions and I think I can do almost anything for 2 weeks...right?  RiGhT?!   When I am feeling like binging on a bag of chips or the 3-12 packs of Mt Dew we have in the garage start calling to me, I'm going to pray.  It's the whole idea of fasting in order to grow closer to God except not in the extreme of not eating at all but just trying to get back on track.  I need to eat to live, not live to eat.  I've definitely been guilty of the latter as of late.  I mean, how sad is it that I go to bed thinking of how good my ice cold glass of Mt. Dew will taste when I wake up in the morning?  Yes, I have a problem.  I admit it.  Now for the ugly truth...the numbers! 

Current Weight: 187.6 lbs
Waist: 46"
Bust: 44"
Hips: 45"
Thigh: 21.25"
Bicep: 13.25"

Wow, I find that really depressing that my waist is bigger than my boobs.  That is not ok.  This 2 weeks is going to be HARD, but I can do it.  I like a challenge.  Then when it's over and I start a normal, healthy diet again (lean meats, lots of veggies, fruits, etc) I can go around feeling like I've won the biggest game ever because I'll have accomplished what I never thought possible.  I can do it, I know I can.  Wish me luck! 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Basal cell carcinoma

I had a spot on the left side of my face which I thought was a zit. I went to the dermatologist to have it looked at and he said it didn't look like anything but if it got bigger to come back in. Well it got bigger and I decided to go back in and they did a biopsy and it turned out that it was basal cell carcinoma.  It's the most common and least serious form of skin cancer, but still needs to be taken care of.  I go into the dermatologist on Tuesday afternoon to have Moh's surgery to get rid of it.  They will cut it out and then examine it under a microscope to see if the outermost layer that they cut still has abnormal cells in it. If it does then they go and cut more out and examine that until the outermost layer does not show any abnormal cells and then they stitch it up. 
The shiny pink spot by my hairline is the suspicious spot.  

And this is what it looks like after the scab from the biopsy fell off.  

Wish me luck! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

1 injection left!

Took this pic before my dose last night when I only had 2 more injections of blood thinner left!  Woohoo!  Can't wait to be done with this phase of my journey.