Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We got some sickies over here!

The kids are sick. Bleh.

Geez, I started this post about 2 weeks ago and all I got down was one line. Now, the kids are all better and I'm the only one that's still sick. Nola had a bad ear infection and a fungal diaper rash and Embry had a double ear infection, they took some antibiotics and were all better. Tony got a cold type thing (which is very weird for him) and he's feeling normal again. I got a double ear infection with a ruptured right ear drum. They're both still draining, but the left is much better and the right one I still can't hear out of. My PCP is sending me to an ear, nose, throat specialist because I guess sometimes they actually do patch up the eardrum, but it seems that most of the time they just let it heal on its own...which it should. In the meantime I just keep saying, 'What?!' a lot because I can't hear people! This can actually come in handy sometimes though, like today we went to a movie and the gentleman behind us was making some weird snoring sound when he breathed (but he wasn't asleep) and I couldn't hear it until Tony had me specifically listen for it. Then it was annoying. I've also left my blinker on quite a bit because I can't hear the little ticking that goes along with it. So now I'm almost done with my second round of antibiotics and it seems to slowly be getting better (ie, less drainage).

In other news, I'm having nightmares about being really fat. I think this was brought on by looking through some pictures from after I had Embry when I was a good weight and feeling so incredibly disgusted by how I look now. It's really unfair that I did NOTHING to put on this weight and yet I am the one who will have to work really hard and kill myself to lose it. I stopped having soda in the house and have I lost any weight, nope, in fact, I think I've gained some. That's really motivating.