Thursday, July 31, 2008

24 Weeks

Only 16 weeks left to go and then we'll be welcoming little Embry home! I can't believe this is all happening so fast!

The pain in my side is pretty much gone and I'm starting to think it was related to my back, but I will bring it up at my OB appt on Tues as well as the Rhuem appt on Thurs. I'm really looking forward to going to the rhuematologist next week, although most of the time they say there's nothing they can do, but I'm hoping to get some sort of relief for my back. We shall see.

So good news is at church on Sunday, someone I don't know came up to me and noticed that I was pregnant. The bad part is that it was a very very odd conversation from that point on. She asked me a million questions, all at a rapid pace, and they were quite personal/odd. She wanted to know if I was going to have a c-section or have it vaginally, if I didn't feel like I was alone anymore (umm what?!), if she pulled on my umbiblical (yes, that's how she said it) cord, if I was going to have an epididal (yes she said it that way), and then ended it all with telling me my chest area looked great and that I was very sexy. Haha, can't say I've ever experienced a conversation like that before!

The best thing ever happened at Target Greatland (where I spend a lot of my time) yesterday. I was all done shopping, then I thought, well I should go check out the baby stuff just in case. So I go over there and what do I find? This! A brand new Britax Marathon convertible car seat which was originally $279 on clearance for $134!!! I would have originally registered for a Britax because they are rated so highly, but they are soo expensive I never thought I'd actually get one. Well lo and behold, I have one now! I love finding good deals, yahoo! I also bought a cubicle for the nursery with some pink and green cloth baskets to go in the cubbies. Tony moved the love seat into the office, so the nursery is coming along quite nicely, it's going to be so cute!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

23 Weeks

Embry is kicking a lot more consistently now. Tony has gotten to feel her move a number of times, which is always exciting and tonight I showed him how you can see her move from the outside now. It basically looks like various parts of my stomach will randomly "bounce" which would be the vibration from her kicking or punching on the inside.

I asked my dr during my last appointment about a pain in my right side which she said was probably just due to stretching, but it had gotten worse over the past week so I was thinking of calling her. Now today it didn't bother me quite as much, so maybe it is going away. If it's worse again tomorrow, I will call the office to see her take on it.

I bought diapers for the first time yesterday. They are having a really good deal on at Walgreens where the packs are on sale for $5.99 and then when you buy 3 packs in one transaction the register spits out a coupon for $5 off your next purchase, so then everytime after that first time, you get 3 packs of diapers for about $12. I got 3 packs of newborn, but I think I'm going to go back and get quite a few more. The newborn size there goes up to 10 lbs and then of course there are all the other sizes to buy too! :)

Otherwise, things are pretty much the same as far as the pregnancy is concerned. I think that our new kittens, Soy and Sauce, will take to a baby just fine so I'm not too worried about them for the time being. Cats are a little unpredictable though, so we'll see how they evolve over the next few months.

As a side note, I found this really interesting story today (through one of the groups on facebook) that explains what it is like to have lupus, so if you're interested in that at all, you can read it here...
The Spoon Theory

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

22 Weeks

A Status Update: I'm feeling pretty good, still much better than I did before I was pregnant, but a few symptoms have crept up recently. I'm getting headaches pretty frequently, but nothing bad. Also I'm very very tired and again, that's pretty normal. I think I'm still trying to catch up on the sleep I lost while I was in WI. My sciatica is bothering me a lot though. This leads to me getting nightly massages from Tony, but I'm pretty sure nothing can really fix that problem, so I will not be talking about it unless there is actually some development on that front. This leads me to the oh so fun topic of the Rhuemetologist. Basically, I was supposed to get kicked off of my secondary insurance once I sent in the change of income form after Tony got his first full time check (because the rhuem thinks it's fraudulent to have these 2 insurances). Well I did that. Then while on vacation the rhuem office calls me and says that they called my insurance which said I was still covered at of May 1st....well duh! Of course I was covered in May, that was 2 months ago! Anyhow, so when I got back from vacay I had a letter from the insurance company which I thought would say I was terminated, but alas, it said that they received my change of income form and that I was still covered. So then I frantically call them to see if I can just get my coverage cancelled and of course I leave messages and they won't call anyone back. So then while I'm asleep on Monday morning the rhuem calls me and tells me that they filled my appt time since I never got back to them (once again, not my fault) and that I can reschedule my appt. Problem there is that it takes about 4 months to get an appt, so I'd pretty much have already had my baby by then. Anyhow, so then I went ahead and made an appt for another rhuem who doesn't care about my insurance (because nobody does except that one lady) and they were very nice and even bumped up my appt up 3 weeks to Aug 7th since I'm pregnant. Then yesterday the insurance company finally called me back and said that I'm still within the income limits and will be covered at least until 3 months after I give birth and that my child will be covered for at least 1 year after it's born. So, wish I would have known that sooner!

A lot has happened in regards to my pregnancy this week!

The first exciting this is that Tony got to feel Embry moving for the first time on Monday night when we were laying in bed. Generally that's when I feel the most movement and it's easier to feel from the outside since my stomach is flat, so I will put tony's hand there. Most of the time I end up saying "did you feel that?" a lot with him responding "no" over and over again. Well that happened about 3 times and then she punched really hard and I looked at Tony's face and could tell right away that he felt it too because his hand flinched and he got this big surprised look on his face, but I still said "did you feel that?!" He responded "yes, oh my gosh! That was amazing!" He was very very excited and kept kissing me and kissing my stomach. I told him that is what I have been feeling for weeks and just couldn't understand how he couldn't feel it, but I'm really glad that he finally got to.

The other big event of the week is that I went to my OB appt on Tuesday at the Rita Ranch location which means that I got to meet the actual doctor. You might think that since I was at a smaller office this would also mean that I would get in to see the dr closer to my appt time, well that was not the case. It was 1.5 hours after my appt time when I was finally called back. I knew it was a bad sign that when I got there and signed in at 9:45 (5 min before my appt time) the receptionist told me that Dr. Sherman was 'on her way' haha. So asked what was going on and she told me that the dr had an unscheduled C-section that morning, so that's why she was late. I would say this is an acceptable excuse (unlike the other office where they're just slow). When I finally got called in, the nurse weighed me and I have still lost weight overall, but gained 2 lbs since my last apt 5 weeks ago, so that's good. Then she took my BP which was normal and then checked for the heartbeat with the dopplar. She had trouble finding it at first, then I told her they said I have placenta anterior and she moved off to the side some and found it right away. The heart rate was a solid 154 bpm. Then I got to meet the dr finally! She measured my stomach which is apparently measuring on target and I started asking her the question I wrote down. Basically she gave me the go ahead to lay on my stomach until it becomes uncomfortable, said that my back/side pain was normal and from stretching, and told me I am allowed to have tylenol pm (which is just about the greatest news ever). I told her briefly about Kim's experience with the dr wanting to turn down her epidural for pushing and immediately Dr Sherman asked what Kim's dr's name was, I said I didn't know the last name but the first name was 'Lynnel' and my doc goes "I knew it! That's her signature move!" I thought it was freaking hilarious that my doctor knew Kim's dr just because of that one thing. Anyhow, she said that as long as I can push then she would want me to keep the epidural on through the entire labor and delivery. She said she used an epidural with all of her kids and didn't see the point in someone experiencing more pain than is necessary. I basically could have given her a hug at this point, but refrained. She also said I could get my epidural at any time that I don't have to be dialated to a certain point first, so that's great. I asked what the likelyhood was that she would deliver my baby and she said that towards the end of the pregnancy they would be monitoring me very closely and it would be likely they would induce me before my due date, in which case, she would definitely be the delivering doctor. Otherwise she works with 4 other doctors, all of which are male, so I'd basically have a 20% chance of having during delivery. It doesn't matter to me who it is really, but I do like this doctor a lot. The other thing she said, which made me sooo soooooo happy, was that since I have lupus she wants to monitor the growth of the baby more closely and is going to send me in for another ultrasound at 28 weeks! I told her that I'm always willing to get another ultrasound, I love to see my little baby! I'm really really happy that someone has finally taken some stock in the fact that this is high risk. I don't feel like anything is going to go wrong, but I'd much rather be on the safe side. My next appt is on Aug 5 again at Rita Ranch and then we'll plan for the 28 week ultrasound, yay! So in summary, the apt went very well and I got to meet my doctor, who I like very very much...even more so than the nurse practitioner.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

21 Weeks

My 20th week of pregnancy was spent in WI and now I'm back in good ol' Tucson once again. Embry is kicking a lot more and I'm still trying to get Tony to feel it, but no luck yet. I found a great sale at JC Penney when we took Colter for his photo session and bought a bunch of cute little girl outfits...I like clothes.

When my parents and I got home last night at 3am, I walked into the nursery right away with my mom and to my surprise, Tony had put together the crib and changing table while I was gone! It was really nice and I'm glad I didn't have to do it cuz I wasn't looking forward to it. Although since he did it while I was gone that means I wasn't here to take pictures of him assembling it, so I guess we'll just have to do a reinactment. :)

I have to say the plane ride home was quite horrible. Besides it being a 4 hour flight to begin with, then we taxied on the runway for 2 hours before ever taking off. On top of that, we were in the row in front of the exit row so our seats didn't recline at all. Basically it was not good. While the stewardess was passing out juice and pretzels my dad made a comment of "she's got to feed the baby" so instead of getting the usual 1 tiny bag of pretzels and shot glass of juice I got 3 bags of pretzels and 2 whole cans of apple juice. It was great, I was really hungry! Oh and when Tony's mom picked us up at the airport I walked out to the car and she goes "wow, you've really popped!" That totally makes my week! :) Yay for looking pregnant!

Friday, July 4, 2008

20 Weeks

The big news is that my pregnancy is halfway over! If you ask me, it's more than halfway, but we'll see about that when I deliver. We went to summerfest last night to see Gavin DeGraw (which was great) but what wasn't so great was the incredible amount of second-hand smoke that I breathed in, bleh. Good news is that this is the first time I've been to summerfest where I haven't had anyone fall on me, spill beer on me, puke on me, or show me their boobs. So I'd say it was a success! Here are the 20 week pics...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

19 Weeks

We're in WI right now, therefore it's taken me a long time to post. The last week has been great, knowing that we're having a little baby girl is the best feeling in the world for me. I keep going around randomly shouting "it's a girl!" and yes I get weird looks, but it is a girl and I'm darn excited! I had 2 baby showers last weekend. The first was a family one combined with my sister Jen and her baby boy Colter. Embry got lots of neat stuff including mostly gift cards, blankets, and clothes (easy to pack in luggage). Then I had another one with friends, all of which could not make it, so it ended up being a more intimate gathering thrown by my friend Kristy and the attendees were her mom, sister, and sister-in-law along with my sister, Colter, and my mom. Embry got a lot of cute stuff there too. A few bigger items were returned so I can repurchase them when I get back to Tucson. Other interesting news is that I felt Embry kicking (or punching, who can really tell?) the other morning so I put my hand there and definitely felt her kick from the outside of my belly. Then I woke up tony and made him put his hand there, then of course all movement ceased and he was up for no reason! Anyhow, seemed like a big milestone and I'll post once Tony feels her move too. Embry went to the water park on Monday and all was well. I had a great time, Tony enjoyed it, and who knows what Embry thought but it seems that she's still intact. :) In closing, here are 19 week pictures from last Thurs.

Here is also a picture from each baby shower.