Friday, January 22, 2010

New Teeth

Embry has 2 new teeth just barely poking through. One on her upper right (the 4th one over) and one on her lower left. Neither are molars, but I'm glad to see she's getting more toofs cuz that girl needs to learn how to chew her food better! I'm tired of seeing her start to choke and then throw up all over, plus the smell of vomit really grosses me out.

She's saying some new words like:
-Mamie (for Jamie)
-tootie (for cookie)
-booby (yep we're real proud of that one)
-mouth (more like mouf, and I may have mentioned that one before)
-no (and she shakes her head no)

Her favorite word is 'hi' and she says it to anyone who will listen and hopefully they respond because she loves the attention.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Decade in Review

Yep, I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon and do this too! Let's see if I can even remember what I was doing for the past 10 years, it's going to be a challenge.

2000: This was my sophomore-junior year of high school. I think I started working at Target this year. I remember wishing I was old enough to vote because a fantastically interesting election took place that year. I started dating Phil.

2001: Junior-senior year of high school. 9/11 happened and I was sitting in my photography class on the computer when the teacher came in and said that the towers had been hit by airplanes. I remember thinking, 'wow, that's not a funny joke.' Then I realized, he wasn't joking. I stopped dating Phil and started dating Dave.

2002: Stopped dating Dave. Graduated high school. Moved to Ventura, CA 2 weeks later. I moved into a condo with a guy roomate named Brian who wasn't particularly nice. Transferred to a Target out there. Quit working at Target and started working at Petsmart. Dave moved to CA, started dating Dave again. Moved to Oxnard, CA.

2003: Quit Petsmart and started working at an animal hospital as a receptionist. Got fired for not 'liking my job enough.' Got diagnosed with systemic lupus in March. Stopped dating Dave who moved back to WI. Moved to Santa Barbara, CA. Started working at another animal hospital as a vet tech/receptionist. Got super sick from the lupus meds and moved back to WI in July. Started college at UW Waukesha.

2004: Finished freshman year in WI. Moved with my parents to Tucson in the summer. Took a road trip to CA for 2 weeks to visit friends. Came back to Tucson and started dating Mir. Started Sophomore year at the University of Arizona. Stopped dating Mir. Got involved with College Republicans where I met Tony. Started dating Tony in November. Went up to Phoenix for 2 weeks over Christmas vacation to stay with Tony and his family.

2005: Got engaged to Tony in February. Had eye muscle surgery in March. Got married to Tony in May. Went to rocky point, Mex for our 'honeymoon' where we both got sick. Moved into an apt with Tony. Went to Santa Barbara with College Republicans for the west coast leadership conference.

2006: Became historian of college republicans. Started the management program at Eller. Met some great friends Anna and Kim. My life was pretty much consumed with school work.

2007: Started TTC in Feb. Got involved in a Young Married's group at our new church. Graduated from Eller with a business management bachelors (minor in spanish) in May. Tony and I moved in with my parents and he started an internship at IBM. Went to WI for my friend Kristy's wedding in May.

2008: Got pregnant in March. Bought a house in April. Had family out for Tony's college graduation in May. Tony started working full time at IBM in July after we went to WI for 2 weeks. Had little baby Embry on Nov 14. Flew to MD for Christmas.

2009: Watched Embry grow up. Went to WI for a week in July for my friend Missy's wedding. Started to TTC #2 in Sept. Embry turned 1 in Nov.

I'm sure I'm probably forgetting a million important things, but oh well, it's late and I'm going to bed!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Embry's second Christmas was a good one! We went to my friend Kim's house for a Christmas party the weekend before Christmas and I got my new favorite picture of my little princess.Oh my goodness, if I could eat her face, I would. She's such a little ham and my absolute favorite baby girly. Oh yes, and she's wearing the Christmas tutu, onesie, and hair bows that I made for her. :)

Then Embry saw Santa at my mom's group Christmas party. She wasn't quite sure what to think of him, but didn't seem to dislike the experience. He gave her a key that you're supposed to leave out for Santa so he doesn't have to go down the chimney. I think she liked that better than Santa. Oh but bonus is now she will say 'santa' and 'ho ho ho.' Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. She'll try to repeat people all the time. Uncle Stefan taught her to say 'dude' (which she says all the time now) and to stick her finger in her nose (and sometimes other people's noses, how fun). She also recently learned: up, no, nose, me, and milk. Her favorite word is definitely 'hi'.

Then we went over to James's new house to eat a fantastic dinner cooked by his girlfriend Ilse and go see the lights in Winterhaven. It was freakin fantastic. Last time we went we did the wagon ride and this time we walked...much better. I think Embry really liked it too.
Then we went up to Phoenix from Tues the 22- Thurs the 24. The drive up there was quite bad because there was a huge dust storm with virtually zero visibility. Then (I'm assuming from the dust storm) on the other side of the freeway there was a huge pile up which killed 4 people and that had traffic on our side backed up for an extra hour or so. Going past an accident like that makes you thank God that he protected you from that kind of pain. Whenever I pass an accident I make it a point to pray for the people involved and their families, that really has no relevance on the story, just thought I'd throw it in there. Anyhow, what is normally a 2 hour drive was a 4 hour drive and we had a crankster in the backseat. Eventually we made it to Tony's mom's and turns out that Embry LOVES her piano. She would stand there and cry until someone put her on the bench and turned it on for her. Yep, she's got us wrapped around her little finger.
Tony, Embry, and I went to the Phoenix zoo lights that night. For $9/each (Embry was free), I was not impressed. I was actually rather disappointed. However I might have been happier if the dancing trees were running, but they weren't. What was lit up was great, but they only did like 1/8 of the zoo, I guess I just expected more. Anyhow, we got a couple of cute pics and I got a call from a friend with some freaking fantastic news while we were there, so it is an especially fond memory. :)
We then picked up Tony's mom and sis and went to downtown Glendale to see the lights. Embry was very impressed with a big cement ball and the horse drawn carriage.

On Wed we met up with my friend Jamie to eat at Culvers. Then Tony's mom, sis, myself, and Embry went to the outlets in Anthem for a couple hours of shopping. I got some really adorable clothes for Embry. A pair of khaki's, a tank top, and perfume for me. A pair of jeans and a pair of khakis for Tony. Then a Christmas present for Stefan. All on clearance of course. That night we went over to Tony's aunt Teri (the one who made me the hospital gown) and Uncle Ron's house to visit and his cousin Charronda came over too. We haven't seen them in quite some time, so that was fun and Embry loved their dog.

Thurs was Christmas eve and we ate breakfast, then went to Ikea where we got 4 wall shelves and 2 bookcases. One bookcase for the living room and one for Embry's room since her books were overtaking every bookcase we 0wned. Now there's room for plenty more and good thing too since after Christmas I went a little nutso and got Embry 1 Christmas book to open for everyday of December next year...who can pass up 1/2 off Christmas books?! Obviously, not me! The ride back to Tucson was much more enjoyable than the ride up to Phoenix. When we got home and had to quick sew the D-rings onto the aprons that I had made for Tony's mom and my mom for Christmas and wrap up some last minute items before Tony's family got there that night. It was a little hectic, but somehow, it all got done in time. Tony also went that night to pick up his dad from the halfway house because he got a 48 hour visitation pass to come over and spend Christmas with us.

The next day was Christmas morning. We opened presents and Embry got the most by far. She got lots of books, clothes, a cabbage patch doll, shoes, bath toys, and a rocking pony. Then my parents, brother, and my neice came over around 1pm to eat. We made a ham and Tony's grandma's lasagna recipe. Then all of us (except my parents, who babysat Embry) went to see 'Avatar' in 3D. I originally wasn't going to go because I can't see 3D anyway, but then I decided to so I could spend time with everyone. Luckily while wearing the 3D glasses made the blurriness go away, so all was not lost. Everyone really liked the movie including myself. And that's pretty much it for Christmas. It was lots of fun and we all had a great time!