Sunday, January 25, 2015

It's been a while

Well it's been an awfully loooong time since I've blogged.  I keep meaning to and then well life gets in the way, or laziness, or probably most likely a combo of both.  

October:  I turned 31.  I am officially 'in my thirties'.  Ugh, how depressing.  I never imagined I would look like this in my thirties.  I thought I'd be like Jennifer garner in '13 going on 30'.  I'd be thirty, flirty, and thriving!  Well, not so much.  Hmm, such is life.  I planned a girls night out at a new dinner movie theater in town called roadhouse cinemas to see 'gone girl' which we read in book club.  Besides the fact that the movie was rated 'R' and probably had some highly innappropriate scenes for the crowd I had invited and one of my friends ended up sitting in a wooden chair for 2.5 hours in the back of the theater due to an rsvp mix-up, it was overall a fun time.  

Then Nola turned 4, which is just crazy to think that she's 4 already!  I know everyone says that about their kids, but really it's insane!  I guess at 3 they still seem like toddlers but at 4 they've moved into the preschooler phase and it seems so much older.  She is so crazy and makes us laugh all the time.  She does weird voices and weird faces and weird poses, all for the sake of trying to be funny, but the great part is it actually is funny!

For Halloween the girls dressed up as Anna and Elsa from Frozen...surprise surprise! They were so cute!  Nola kept going up to people and saying, 'isn't my dress so beautiful?!'  Like I said, she's funny.