Sunday, July 12, 2015

I'm totally suckin at this

Ha, oh well.  Sometimes I get in a rut and think, 'well what's the point of all this?  Does anyone even care?'  I guess it doesn't really matter because the point would be for my kids to get a glimpse back on their childhood through their mom's eyes someday or as a way for me to reflect on where I've been. 

Thirty-one has been ok so far!  The bad things that come to mind are 1) having pneumonia and an unidentified lung infection which was pure MISERY but that all got cleared up finally after taking super antibiotics (which also work on MRSA and the plague, it said so on the label) and 2) Nola is just more than I know how to handle sometimes.  I have recently started telling her that she is very 'contrary' as in, she disagrees with anything that is said, to which she will promptly reply, 'I AM NOT CONTRANARY!!!'  It's quite fun this whole game we have going on.  So she will be going to Miss Patty's Preschool 2 days a week from 9-2pm Monday and Wednesday starting on July 20.  Hopefully this structure she gets in preschool and the time away from me will be good for both of us!  Then the good things about 31 that come to mind are 1) cutting back (kind of) in MOPS to being just the fundraising co-coordinator so that I can be the troop leader for Embry's girl scout troop this year.  I'm excited to officially be a part of the fundraising team in MOPS and the Community Fair planning and prepping is in full swing (it's on August 1 this year).  Plus I've loved seeing Embry blossom in girl scouts this past year and I'm excited to take on a more active role in her troop in the next year.  We've decided to follow the nature journey for their combined daisy/brownie troop and hopefully we can do some nature exploring once the weather starts to cool off. 

We actually had professional pictures taken which I am so in love with!  I tried to get our whole family together (we were just missing one sibling) to get family pictures since the last ones we had were in 1995, but it could not be done.  It makes me so sad to think we will never get another family picture with my parents and siblings.  However I got some great ones of my kids and my parents etc.  Love them!