Thursday, October 30, 2008

37 Weeks

Only 20 days left!

I went to the Dr on Tuesday (as usual) and was very concerned that I was 5 minutes late, so I went in there all ready to sign in and get to the bathroom for the urine test...well when I walk in and see there's no sign in sheet, the patient standing next to me says, 'Hi Leatrice, the doctor's not here.' Ha, so I look over and realize I'm standing next to Meredith, haha. Anyhow, we got to chat a little bit and we found out that Dr Sherman was out on a C-section that hadn't gone too well. The receptionist rescheduled me for the next day at 4pm, but it was at the wilmot office. So basically I got there at 3:45 and I thought that since they never get you in on time there anyhow, I could probably grab something to eat cuz I was starving, but then I thought maybe by chance they would get me in on time and I wouldn't be there. I went in at 3:45 and then waited until 5:30 to be called into a room. Not to mention the fact that it was freezing in there! I thought my feet were going to fall off the bottoms of my legs in protest! I saw the nurse practitioner (while outside my room door they were turning off all the lights and vacuuming the carpet, haha) who I hadn't seen since May cuz of going to the Rita location. It was nice to see her again and catch up but would have been nicer if I could have caught up with her a little closer to 4 pm. :) Embry's heartbeat was 161 which is typical for a girl's heart to get faster closer to delivery. My bp was 120/80, still normal and my GBS test was negative. The best part of all was the news following my internal exam (and btw, I'm still shocked at how incredibly uncomfortable those internal exams are, like verging on painful). First off, I found out that last week Dr. Sherman wrote down that I was 'very firm' and dilated 'a fingertip' (whatever that means, I guess it depends on how big your fingers are, haha) and then after my exam yesterday the nurse practitioner said I was 'firm' and '1 cm dilated' so I say...WOOOOOHOOOOOO! I mean I know 1cm is practically nothing, but the thing is, it's not nothing and I'll take any progress I can get! Although, Embry hasn't dropped down at all, so that's a bummer. I have incurred many more stretch marks on the bottom of my belly over the last week and the scale at the dr's showed I lost 3 lbs since last I'm thinking bigger baby + smaller me = more stretch marks. The nurse practioner said that now my file will be sent over to TMC so it's waiting for me in case I go into labor and she also mentioned that she would expect me to deliver close to my due date since it's my first baby, but I'm still holding out hope for an earlier delivery. I was actually kinda hoping that we wouldn't make it to our next ultrasound (on the 5th), but it doesn't seem that hope will be realized, meh. If I had seen the regular doc I was gonna ask her how long she recommends waiting between pregnancies, so I'll make sure to ask that one next week. Having said all that, I think it's time for Embry to come out!

I've been slowly working on getting all the stuff from the baby shower put away and I think I'm about done now. Tony put the play yard together, but I need to iron that and the stroller, yes sounds weird, but they're wrinkled. He also assembled the diaper champ (which was incredibly simple). I organized the diaper depot and took all the toys out of their packaging, I put away most of the clothes, washed all the bottles, and put together the spinning drying rack. I got both my breast pump and the mobile in the mail this week and I really need to open those up to put them together and figure out how they work. I've been told it's a good idea to take the breast pump along to the hospital in case you can't get the baby to latch...any thoughts anyone? Speaking of the hospital, I've really been wanting to get my bag packed, but so far all I've got is a list of items that need to go in the bag. I'm sure the list will help me out a lot at the hospital hehe. I did manage to put shampoo, conditioner, and facewash into travel size containers and get 2 outfits ready for Embry (her coming home outfit and a comfortable outfit in case she throws a fit in the frilly one). I can't wait to put her cute little shoes on her cute little feet...baaaa it's going to be so much fun! I've also accomplished making a call list that includes who to call when I'm admitted and who to call after I've had the kiddo.

Other big news for this week is that I bought us tickets to go visit Tony's family in Maryland for Christmas! We fly out of Phoenix on Dec 16 and come back on Jan 6, so we'll be gone about 3 weeks, but we also plan to visit DC and NYC while we're out there since they're so close. One of my biggest dreams has always been to go ice skating in Rockefeller Center, so I'm super excited for that. Obviously I'm also excited for Embry to meet her great grandparents, great aunt, and great uncle and for all the fantastic pictures that will result. :) I'm realizing now though that I'm lacking in the 'really warm 0-3 month size' category of clothes for Embry, so I'm going to have to look into doing something about that. The most complicated part of this process was finding a non-stop flight that was a reasonable price. We ended up buying tickets on Southwest because of the following reasons: non-stop from phx to Baltimore, no fee for first checked bag, no fee for second checked bag, a free real snack and drink (mini pretzels/peanuts do not qualify as a real snack), and we can gate check the stroller and car seat. I'm nervous about taking a small baby on a plane ride (and nervous about going on one myself since my last experience was not so great) but I think that at that age she would most likely sleep the whole time (fingers crossed).

Ok enjoy the 37 week belly pics and my incredibly flat belly button!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

36 Weeks

Only 27 days left!

I had my first physical therapy appointment on Friday for my back. The PT was really nice. She did a lot of massaging which is what I was hoping would happen. She said that the muscles next to my backbone were very tense and spasming and that she could tell some of the vertebra were tight. So then she said that I could bring Tony in to learn some of the massage techniques for at home. Tony and I went in for another appt on Saturday and he got to mimic what the pt did. Now we've been doing that every night and it seems to be helping a little bit, if only temporarily, it's better than nothing. The PT had me try on a maternity support belt, which was helpful, so she recommended that I get one and I have since then. I wore the belt all last night and then all day today. I can tell that it puts my back into a more comfortable position without so much strain on the muscles and I'd recommend one for women who have a lot of back pain with pregnancy. I have an appt with the physical therapist every friday until I give birth. She only works with women who are pregnant, which is kind of disappointing since I actually like her and I won't be able to go to her after I give birth, but oh well.

Sunday was the day of the baby shower. It was GREAT! I spent a lot of Friday making the cake which was rather disasterous about halfway through because the actual cakes kept breaking and falling apart when we tried to move them...I was seriously about to give up, but of couse I could not do that because gosh darn it, I was going to make it work! Anyway, I finished it at 2 am on Saturday. Then after the physical therapy appt I started working on the pinata. I ended up only doing one layer of paper mache instead of 2 because it took way too long to dry and the cats really enjoyed licking it. Sauce even stepped into the bucket of paste for fun. Anyhow, after losing a spatula into the cavern of the baby's head/neck/stomach, it was all done at around 11:30 Sat night. So on Sunday morning we hung out with Tony's mom and Allison and Allison's friend Desiree until it was time to get ready. My mom came by a little early and we all got to the shower around 12:30. Here's my synopsis of the baby shower: It was soooo great! EVERYTHING was pink! The mayo, the ranch dressing, the punch, the water...everything! Everyone wore leis and couldn't say "baby" and I was the first one to get my lei taken away, no fair! First we ate and chatted. Next Janell had painted a bunch of wooden blocks with brown, pink, and green (the nursery colors) and got a ton of things to decorate them with and then we each got to decorate a building block for baby Embry. It was one of the best baby shower ideas I've ever seen! She took them home to seal them with hodge podge and then I get them back which will be fun cuz I didn't get to see all of them while I was making one of my own. Then we broke open the baby shaped pinata that I made (I think it's hilarious, but I guess it could be offensive to some, so sorry about that). Then we played the 'draw a baby with the paper on your head' game and I picked a winner and the 'matching baby animals to their adult counterparts' game. Then we cut the cake that I made and ate it while I opened presents where I received 4 diaper champs because even though the registry was scanned each time, it was never removed. I have since returned 3 of 4 diaper champs and instead got a baby bathtub, the gift set of 10 Dr Brown's baby bottles and the tiny love mobile. I've been trying to find that mobile but the closest store that has it is in phoenix, so I got it online. Oh and Sarah took belly shots from my blog and matted them on scrapbook paper and posted them on the wall behind the cake. It was such a good idea and I had a lot of fun! I got lots of neat presents for baby Embry and made some good memories. Thank you Sarah for hosting the shower and thanks to everyone who helped out to make it happen and be so special, it really meant a lot to me! Here is a pic of everyone at the shower (minus Kim and baby Haley). My two albums of pics are up on Facebook ... Here and Here.

The following paragraph is graphic, so use your own discretion when reading:
On Tuesday I had an OB appt. It was my first internal exam and she said I've made no progress...that was a bit disappointing since I really thought Embry had moved down a little bit. She did the swab to test for group beta strep and that was nothing to worry about, easier than having an annual done. The internal exam was basically 2 fingers up the who-ha and then the other hand pressing on the pubic bone from the outside. Well that doesn't sound extremely unpleasant (cuz that's what happens at a pap too) but oh my, I wasn't expecting it to be so uncomfortable! I kinda squirmed to begin with and mouthed the words "oh my gosh" and she looked up and said "oh my gosh is right!" Then I went, "geez woman!" and she said, "I'm sorry, I know it must feel like I'm way up in your tonsils, but your cervix is really high." So then she was done and told me that there was no progress and I was disappointed so I asked if Embry had dropped down even a little bit and she goes, "No! You felt that exam, she's way up there!" It was humorous, yet a tad on the depressing side. I've still got 4 weeks left to make progress, so now it's just a waiting game. Can't wait to see my little girl!!!

The OB ended the appt by saying, 'I think you'll be having a November baby.' Embry's heartrate was 156 and my bp was 122/72. I had been a little worried about my bp beforehand because my ankles have been a little swollen since Sat. I've been trying to keep them elevated, but that's hard to do. The OB said it was just normal ankle swelling that comes with the end of pregnancy and nothing to worry about. Now I have appts every week, so the next one is Tues at 2:20 and then we're going in for another ultrasound on Wed, Nov 5th at 1:30. According to the dr's office I've gained a total of 10 lbs since the start and according to my stats I've gained about 3-4 lbs so far. Apparently at this point in the pregnancy the amniotic fluid continues to get absorbed but is no longer produced, so as the baby continues gaining weight, my weight should stay about even until I deliver.

I'm confused about what to be for Halloween. The original idea was to wear a sports bra and pants and paint my midsection like a jack-o-latern, but I am pretty sure people would be offended by having to look at my bare midsection...sooo I might do that but in a modified way, or there is one other idea I'm tossing around, but it might be more complicated to make the outfits. Bah, decisions decisions!

About my other babies, the furbabies, we got all 3 kitties front declawed this week. I cried a number of times about that one, cuz I HATE declawing so much and they're like my kids, but we all got through it ok. The kittens came home the day after their surgery and they seemed to forgive me rather fast and are recovering like champs. Then Saki came home the same day he had is surgery (his was done by laser, apparently easier on older cats, and way more expensive) and he was not pleased. He had ace bandages all the way up to his elbows and he really didn't like those, so we got to take them off this morning. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put sticky stuff directly onto a cat's fur was an idiot. So we took the vet's advice and sprayed the whole bandaid with tons of Pam and it seemed to only pull out about half the fur then instead of all the fur. After a lot of growling, we got the bandaids off and Saki is much happier now, but his arms look like he stuck them in a tub of butter! End of story is, I love them into a million pieces and now they can play freely with their little baby sister Embry, so all is well!

Here are the 36 week belly pics for your enjoyment!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Survey Side Post

This isn't really related to the pregnancy/baby, but I'm not sure how to post it otherwise, so here goes...
I was tagged by Robin

THE RULES:* Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.* Share 7 little known facts about yourself on your blog.* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.* Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

The 7 Little Known Facts:

1. On my 18th birthday I got my nose, eyebrow, and both ears (up near the top on the really hard cartilage that swirls around...can't find the name)
**and now I'm editing this to clarify that I got those parts pierced, not that I just received the parts themselves on my 18th bday...hahaha

2. One of the reasons I'm excited to have Embry is because of the weight loss that will (most likely) occur during and after delivery

3. I wish my hair was platinum blonde

4. I often don't act like myself for fear of offending others

5. I only shower about once a week

6. I have conversations with my in, I talk to them and then talk for them in order for them to respond to what I've said

7. I want to change the world

Now I tag: (side note, supposed to tag 7, but really don't think I have that many blogging friends)
1. Amanda
2. Sarah
3. Katie
4. Rachael
5. Esteban and/or Danielle
6. Melissa
7. yep sorry, other blogs I read are ladies from the TTC message boards sooo... yeh

Thursday, October 16, 2008

35 Weeks

Only 34 Days to go!

My pregnancy tickers now tell me that my uterus is 1000 times larger than its original size and that Embry is urinating a pint each day. Not sure if I should be happy about either of these, but interesting facts none the less.

We took some more 'nice' maternity pics on my birthday last week. They are in this facebook album for your viewing pleasure.

My back is a tad bit better. I've been talking 1/2 percocet every evening and it pretty much takes the edge off the pain, so it's not quite excruciating. The top right quadrant of my tummy is numb, which leads me to believe that she is in fact pinching a nerve. I'm leaning towards going into labor on my own instead of being induced, but the option is still on the table. My first physical therapy appt is tomorrow and they probably won't actually do anything except show me how to stretch, but I am still holding out hope that I might get a massage. :) I'm feeling a lot more pressure in my pelvic area, so I'd imagine that means Embry has dropped down some. You can see in my face forward belly pic the couple of stretch marks that I've gotten on the lower right side of my belly (which is where Embry's head is located).

Tony found out that IBM offers the exact breast pump that I wanted at a discounted rate, so I got it! It was supposed to be $280, but through IBM it was only $125. It's the Pump in Style by Medela, the shoulder bag version and I've heard it's a good one.

Nursery Update: My mom and dad made and installed a wall shelf in the nursery on which I placed all of Embry's stuffed animals. It looks fantastic and I can't wait until she's here so she can enjoy her room...or rather I can enjoy her in her room since I'm sure she won't really be aware of how cool it is!

Baby Shower Update: It's on Sunday! I'm so excited, it'll be so fun! The favor bags are completely done and tomorrow I will be starting the cake and starting (and hopefully finishing) the baby shaped pinata. I'll definitely post a picture of that (even if it's a miserable failure cuz that would be pretty hilarious) next week. Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

34 Weeks

41 days to go!

All is well and I'm feeling great besides one back. It's gotten quite bad over the past few weeks, well actually, only the right side. If I had to describe it I'd say it feels like someone is sticking a knife in between my right shoulder blade and my ribs, then naturally it radiates down through my sciatica. Sooooo...

I went to the OB on Tues and discussed this issue with her. Basically she said that if I were to be induced that I could have my epidural whenever I wanted (including right when they start the pitocin). If I were to be induced at 37 weeks she said I'd need an amnio to make sure the baby's lungs are fully developed. I thought that was a little odd since if I were to go into labor naturally at 37 weeks then it wouldn't be an issue. Anyhow, I'm not getting an amnio. I wouldn't care about it for my sake, a needle in the stomach doesn't bother me a bit, but for Embry's sake I won't have one done. Now then, induction at 38 weeks would be totally fine, so if my back is worse by then I might go with that option. I'll keep discussing it with the dr until then. She also said that it would be completely fine for me to take up to 2 percocets/day (which I def won't do, but maybe a half of one a day would be helpful) and I'm going to physical therapy on the 17 and 24 to see if that will help. I'm just hoping that it's not the stupid kind of physical therapy (like I had at health south) where I go all the way over to the office just so I can stretch out my back. That is a complete waste of time since I could do the same thing at home. The doc went over my birth plan and said it all sounded fine and the hubby gets to go into the room for a c-section unless it's like some crazy rushed life/death c-section emergency and there's not time for him to get scrubbed in. Embry's heartrate was about 150 bmp and my blood pressure was 118/70 which brings me to another point. The day before I had a follow up with my regular dr and my bp at that appt was 142/75. So I told the OB nurse and she was really upset that my dr didn't call them to let them know my bp was so high. Then the next day at the OB it was normal and the urine strip was normal too, so apparently the high bp was just a fluke. My next OB appt is the 21 and then it will be every week after that point. At the next appt I have my first cervix check and the group beta strep test, so we'll have an idea if I'm making any sort of progress or not. I've certainly been having a lot of braxton hicks contractions, not that they make you progress, but I had one last night that lasted for about 1.5 hours.

Things we have to do before the baby arrives:
  • find out about insurance and baby
  • install infant car seat base in my car
  • install convertible car seat in Tony's car
  • get shelves built in the garage and organize boxes
  • bring all of the Christmas boxes over from my parent's (because the most awesome Christmas party of all time will be held at the Ciaravella's house this year!)
  • try to make some premade/frozen meals for easy access after baby arrives
  • have Pretty in Pink baby shower :)
  • put everything away from Pretty in Pink baby shower
  • have cutest baby in the world
Hi, so I think I'll have a baby next month.
Next month I'm going to have a baby...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

33 Weeks

As you know, I was supposed to have my 32 week OB appt on Tuesday, but as I was about to pull into the parking lot the receptionist called me and said that the Dr had been called out for a delivery. She gave me 2 options: 1) go to the main office and they could try to fit me in (I almost laughed out loud at that because if it takes 1.5 hours past your appt time to get called into a room, then I don't even want to think about how long it would take them to 'fit you in') or 2) reschedule my appt for the next Tues (Oct 7). The second option was obviously the one that I chose. While I was talking to the receptionist I asked her if there was any way I could give a urine sample in the lab to see if I have a UTI, which I don't think I do, but it's better to be safe than sorry. She said that would be fine and I just got the results today which were totally normal, so yay for that.

This morning, at the unholy time of 7:15am, we had another ultrasound. What really shocked me being there that early was that there were actually women who had appointments before mine! I didn't even know places were open that early! By the time we got done (7:45), Target wasn't even open yet and in my opinion, the day has not begun until Target has opened. :) We got called into a room right away and had a young ultrasound tech. We got to see all of Embry's little parts which is always exciting. The new things were that she was opening and closing her eyes a lot and when she would open her mouth she would stick out her was sooo cute! Her head, tummy, and femur were measured to estimate her weight at 4lbs 7oz and the fluid level was 12cm (it's supposed to be between 5-25 with a target of 10-15) so she's growing just perfectly. I'm once again quite certain that she has my chin, mainly from the face on picture, and definitely her daddy's lips.

Tony's mom and sister came down last weekend and his mom and he put together the travel system. Now we just need to install the carseat in my car and make sure it's in there properly. I also wrote out a "birth plan" which basically consists of what I do and do not want. I stopped by TMC to drop off a copy of my living will, found out that since they don't have a chart for me yet it would most likely get lost before I deliver, so I'm spos to bring it with me to L&D when I go in. They also said that my preregistry went through and that you are definitely allowed to take pics in an operating room (in case of a c-section) which Marjorie (birthing instructor) said you could not do. Although the ladies at the front desk weren't sure if the husband was allowed in the operating room or not...well in that case I'm a little confused about who exactly would be taking pictures, haha.

I hung up the other 2 corner shelves in the nursery, it looks so cute, can't wait to put a cute little baby in there! I got the goods to go in the favor bags for the baby shower (including getting the bags, which I had previously planned on ordering online) and I started putting them together. For some reason, that really excites me, I think it ties to the fact that I LOVE giving presents!

Here are the ultrasound pics followed by my 33 week belly shots. The second US pic shows the chin I mentioned earlier and the third pic shows her sticking her tongue out. :)