Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Here's Why I've Been Slacking...

I've been super, extremely, even-more-than-normal BUSY! 

1.) Bible Study:  I started a bible study about 7 weeks ago that is lead by one of the MOPS mentors on a book called 'The Husband Project' by Kathi Lipp.  Now it sounds like it's a book about how I can fix my husband, but oh no, that's not what it is.  It's a book about different 'projects' to complete, one for each of the 21 days, that are deliberately and purposefully showing love to your husband. 

So I'm definitely going to be taking more than 21 days to be completing the 21 projects, but that's not the point.  The point is to get your heart in the right place to want to bless you husband and hopefully catalyze a change in the way your marriage works.  I must say that from the projects I've done so far, most have been very well received and I've felt a lot happier not only because then Tony wants to do more for me but also because I know that I'm doing what God intended for a wife to do.  

2.)  We started taking a refresher course of 'Love and Logic' (which is a parenting class) at church 8 weeks ago and tonight was the last session.  I feel like it was a good idea to do this even though the original reason (to listen to the teenage stuff for the purposes of Oasis, my niece, moving in) fell the wayside.  I like getting back into that mindset of having the child own their problems and not having to stress over things I can't control anyway.  We all know that I could use less stress in my life!  

3.)  I took over managing the Meetup website for our MOPS group.  While it is a minimal task, I get left feeling guilty if I don't attend one of the events that I post.  I know that I shouldn't, but I can't help feeling like someone might get 'left out' if I don't show up and try to wrangle everyone together.  Anyhow, I'm sure everything is fine without me there and I shouldn't worry.  Today I had rsvp'd yes to an open gym at a local gymnastics studio and about 10 moms had signed up, but I had to cancel because both girls are still sick.  I figured snot flying out of their noses at high velocity on a trampoline would probably get me a few well deserving scowls from the other moms.  :/  

4.)  We started taking a 10 week foster care course that is mandated by the state for anyone looking to be a foster family.  This was originally because my niece, Oasis, was going to move in, but that dissolved and she is staying where she's at instead.  All is well though because as we were taking the class we became excited about the possibility of our dream of a big family coming true through foster adoption.  Once we found out that Oasis wasn't moving in, we figured God wouldn't have lead us down that path unless he had a good reason and that must have been to adopt.  We thought that since if I was still able to have children biologically that we would already have a 3rd, then what would stop us from adopting at this point?  Well, as it turns out, after our (mine and tony's) joint interview and individual interviews the licensing agency thought it best that before they recommended us for licensing that we work on our communication through counseling.  They told us that if we came back in 6 months to a year after having counseling then they would reconsider our application for foster care.  

This is where I could go into a whole schpeal about what all was said, how it was presented, what I thought and felt, blah blah blah...but I won't.  In the end I think it all just points to how this is not what we should be doing in our lives at this point in time.  I'm not going to say we'd never adopt, but I would find it pretty difficult to throw myself out there again.  So that's where we're at and God is still good.