Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beautiful day

It's times like this, when I feel the closest to God...

Sitting outside, listening to the breeze rustle through the trees and my girls laugh and sing together in the sandbox (I'm just ignoring the occasional yell or threat from embry when Nola steps in her wet sand).

I'm amazed at how God can create all of this miraculous beauty and still have room to love me so fully.

Not that life is all roses and lollipops, but these moments remind me that through all of the struggles of this world, God is still so good!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I am SO not ok with this!

So what the heck?  Still working out and not only have I not lost weight, but get this, I went up 2 sizes all because of my big old fat belly!  I just went to Target to get some more fat clothes for summer and I am just disgusted.  I initially brought in size 12 and size 14 shorts/skirts.  The 12's were a joke, and the 14's were even funnier because they were also nowhere near buttoning.  Oh but everything except the waist was WAY too big.  Begrudgingly moved on to size 16...could button if I tried really hard and then had a muffin top AND bottom...bulge above the waistband and below the waistband.  Then, as I tried to hide the size label in case I see anyone I know (it was the Target post-church crowd after all), I put on the size 18 (mind you the biggest size before going into the 'plus' section).  Fits around the waist and looks ridiculously large everywhere else.  This bites.