Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's a...

....... GIRL !!!!!!!

Baaaaaaa! I'm soooooo excited! I knew it, haha, woohoo, yahoo, other various exclamations of joy!

So the ultrasound was good, beforehand not so much. I asked if there was any
way that I could have Tony take a video of the ultrasound if I signed a release form or something, they said no. So basically we got called in like 2 minutes after that interaction and I was on the verge of tears spilling down my cheeks, I was none too happy. The ultrasound lady was very nice and told us everything that was going on. Our baby is adorable if I do say so myself! She's got a cute button nose and all her measurements were good, so no deformities...always a plus. She was scrunched up into a ball a lot of the time with her hands in front of her face and her knees pulled to her chest, so cute. She's head down facing forward (so her back is to my back) and I have an anterior placenta which isn't a problem just means the placenta is on the front of my stomach instead of the back. That does mean, however, that it will take longer for Tony to be able to feel her move from the outside, but no biggie. The appt took about 25 minutes and then we were done and I decided that the baby wanted a celebratory sausage mcmuffin with egg on the way home, which was delic. The print outs that we got are cute. I think the profile ones could be a little better but like I said, her hands were near her face the whole time so what can you do?

Profile close up

Profile farther away

Little arms and hands :)

Both little feet :) :)

The girl parts
which basically means there's nothing there.

The girl parts again just for good measure.
Also I'd point out the 3 little dots to you, but that's too hard to do on a blog.

Finally, this is me afterwards being excited
and giving a thumbs up for a GIRL!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

18 Weeks

The past week has gone by fast and everything pregnancy-wise is pretty much the same. I've felt the baby move a little bit more, but nothing as definite as that first kick. I can feel it much better when I lay on my stomach, but that's uncomfortable, so I try to avoid it.

The main thing on my mind is that we only have 5 days until the big reveal! Our ultrasound is Tues morning at 8am, so if you want to know the sex then check the blog on Tuesday. I should have the print outs and the main info posted shortly after our appt.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Kick

I was just sitting here watching August Rush and 'bam!' I felt a kick on the inside of my stomach, the lower left section! There is no mistaking that feeling for indigestion, it's like nothing I've ever felt before, so awesome! It felt like something pushed out on my stomach from the inside, obviously something I would have never felt before, and definitely nothing like gas hahaha. Whoever started saying that a baby moving felt like gas bubbles really sucked at describing things!

17 Weeks

I'm 17 weeks pregnant today and I'm feeling pretty good.

For whatever reason my hip and shoulder pain have subsided, I'm not going to question it, I'll just be happy about it and consider it a blessing. I've been getting a few headaches lately, but nothing (and I mean nothing) compared to the headaches I got before I was pregnant, so also, not a problem. I'm only waking up once a night to go to the bathroom and then I got right back to sleep, but I have to say I'm more tired now than I was a couple of weeks ago at the beginning of the second trimester.

I'm still not sure if I'm feeling the baby move at all yet. I'm pretty sure that what I'm feeling is just indigestion or something, but every once in a while I think I feel something, it's probably just my imagination playing tricks on me.

When Jen was down here last year and she was pregnant (but we didn't know it) she was saying that maybe I was pregnant, and I was like, no if I was pregnant my stomach wouldn't be all mushy, it would be hard. Well the main thing I've noticed over this past week is that my stomach is definitely a lot tighter/harder than it used to be. I thought it would only be tighter on the bottom (where the baby is) but it's tighter all over already. That makes me excited! I really don't see a huge change in my stomach, you know like when people say, "wow you've really popped!" I still see gradual changes so I'm hoping that over the next 2 weeks it really 'pops' so I won't feel so silly having baby showers while we're back in WI.

When I was in Phoenix with Sarah, Jamie gave me the Colby Caillat cd and said that I'd like the song 'Capri' well she was right. I LOVE that song. I'm guessing Capri is the name of the mother, but it could be the name of the baby, either way I love it. You can go here to listen to the song, it's great, makes me cry which I'd like to blame on hormones, but really I'm just sap. Here are the lyrics:

She’s got a baby inside
And holds her belly tight
All through the night
Just so she knows
She’s sleeping so
Safely to keep
Her growing
And oh when she'll open her eyes
There'll be no surprise
That she'll grow to be
So beautifully
Just like her mother
That’s carrying
Oh Capri
She’s beauty
Baby inside she’s loving
Oh Capri
She’s beauty
There is an angel growin’ peacefully
Oh Capri
Sweet baby
And things will be hard at times
But I've learned to try
Just listening
Patiently, oh Capri
Sweet baby
Oh Capri
She’s beauty
Baby inside she’s loving
Oh Capri
Your beauty
Just like your mother
That’s carrying...Oh Capri

Thursday, June 5, 2008

16 Weeks

Look at me go, posting on the correct day!

I had an appt with the OB yesterday morning. I was only waiting 1hr & 10min past my appt time instead of 1.5 hours like normal, so they were surprisingly 20 minutes ahead of schedule. I feel like asking them if I should just show up an hour after the time they tell me, so then I'll be a happier patient. During the long time I was waiting, I eavesdropped on a couple in the waiting room who had a little boy about 18 months old. The thing that was interesting to me was how interested the husband was in what his wife had to say. She was talking about things like her sister or brother and her friends etc and he actually responded with questions and comments that proved he was really listening, it's not something you see everyday. While I was in the room I found out that according to their scale I only lost a total of 6 lbs (although I didn't go in there right away) and that I haven't gained any weight back yet. Well according to my scale I lost a total of 13 lbs and I recently gained back about 4 lbs. My blood pressure and urine were fine as usual and then she used the dopplar to check for the heartbeat. There was about a 3 second window where she was looking too high that I almost went into panic mode, but then she lowered the probe and we got a strong heartbeat. It sounded a lot clearer/stronger this time than it did last time with the dopplar, so that was reassuring. The heartrate was 158 bpm. She did confirm that the slightly raised bumps on my left leg are skin tags, not pretty, but I can deal with them. Then I had some blood drawn for the downs syndrome and cystic fibrosis tests and made an appt for July 10 which is the day after we get back from WI. So now it's a waiting game for the BIG ultrasound on the 24th. I'd be pretty surprised if it turns out to be a boy, but I guess you never really know.

The only other semi-interesting baby related news is that I'm supposed to be able to feel the baby move sometime here and I'm hoping that will happen soon. I've been trying to be more in tune with what my belly is doing, but most of the time when I tune in I just find either extreme fullness or extreme hunger. So come on baby, start moving!