Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nola is 1!!!

Wow Nola, I can't believe that you're 1 year old already! This past year has gone by SO fast and I'm so very glad that I got to spend all of it watching you grow into a speedy little toddler. I'm sorry that I had to miss a few weeks of your life at the beginning, and I know you won't remember it, but it makes me sad anyway. You'll never know how important you are to me. You're my little one. The sweet baby that helped me to see how very special every moment of life is, even the bad ones when we're cranky and just want to go to bed. You are such an amazing little girl who makes me smile even in the worst of situations. You make me so happy and I can't believe I've been given such a miraculous blessing as you. I'm privileged to be your mama and I'm so glad that I get to watch you grow up and become the person that God intended for you to be. I love you so much No-nos, my little one, you're my favorite one year old!

We had Nola's birthday party today. It went very well, but as usual, I always feel rushed during parties. I feel like everyone is just waiting for the next big event...the food, the cake, the presents. Anyhow, I LOVED the rainbow theme. Holy cow, it was great. It was a lot of work to figure out how to make all the rainbow food, but it was so pretty. I have to say, I'm never making a rainbow jello cup again, those things took like 12 hours. Nola liked her smash cake OK but I was inside cutting up the rainbow layer cake while she was eating her cake, so I'll have to watch the video to see what all happened there. She has been able to stay standing up without holding onto anything for about a week now. She does it more often everyday and I think she might actually start walking soon, probably within the month. She's such a fun girl, I love her so much!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

28: A Year in Review

Last October 10 was my 27th birthday. I had no idea what we did, so I just looked back and I guess we went to a movie. I was almost 35 weeks pregnant with little Nola. October 26 we welcomed our miracle baby Nola into the world after not having an epidural for my 12 hour labor. I'm just glad it wasn't any longer than that and I'm pretty dang proud of myself for making it through!I had her at almost 6am and 5 hours later I had my mom, Embry, Tony's mom, and sis visiting me at the hospital when I got the news that I had to have a D&C because I was hemorrhaging. Not the worst thing in the world, but not too great either. I wanted to visit with my family!In November we had family over for Thanksgiving, which was GREAT, except I wasn't feeling too well. Then in December they finally figured out I had a pulmonary embolism and partially collapsed lung. They started me on blood thinners, oral and injection, and sent me on my way. On Dec 16 I went to the ER where they thought I had internal bleeding, so they admitted me.

December 21 I couldn't breath and the nurse called a code blue. They intubated me and determined that a blood clot had traveled from my leg to my heart. My heart was only working at 25% function. About 20 friends and family showed up that night to pray for me.
I missed Christmas. :( New year's was the first night I got moved out of the ICU and it was spent watching 'When Harry Met Sally', eating cheese, crackers, and sausage, and drinking sparkling apple cider. I got released on Jan 4th and finally went home. I spent 2 months doing physical therapy to strengthen my muscles enough to walk, do my hair, feed myself, etc. It was a very humbling experience.
I had my 'I'm Alive' party in March! I made up for missing the Christmas party and we celebrated the fact that I was still alive. In May we went on a horseback trail ride the day before mother's day and I got bucked off. I fractured 4 vertebrae in my lower back. I'm still suffering the consequences of that stupid horse. On my 28th birthday, we had a picnic in the park. I had my husband and two precious girls with me, it was perfect!

Since getting out of the hospital in January, I've gained 30 lbs. Made my pcp check my thyroid and lo and behold, it's low. Going to pick up some new meds now!

Monday, October 10, 2011

And the Madness Begins!

We've been busy! First we took Tony's dad out for lunch for his birthday on our way up to Phoenix on Sunday 10/2/11. We went to Famous Dave's BBQ, it was our first time there, and we liked it quite a bit. Tony's dad made the mistake of ordering a burger that was supposed to be really spicy and then putting extra hot sauce on it and making it devilishly spicy. The rest of us did not do that and we thoroughly enjoyed our meals.
Then we headed up to Phoenix to spend the night and leave the kids with Dorothea. Of course I made everyone (except Tony) stay up too late playing games, but was well worth it in my opinion. I lost, but what else is new? We also had some yummy dinner from Filibertos. I love me some egg, sausage, and cheese breakfast burrito! Below is a pic of Allison, Tony, and Alex. Alex just moved back to Phoenix from Kansas City a few weeks ago. It was really good to see him again and spend some time with him. The last time he saw Nola she was just a few weeks old.

After we got up the next morning, we headed off on the 5 hour drive to Las Vegas. It was actually a relatively pretty drive with different desert landscapes to look at along the way. When we got into the outskirts of Vegas we tried to look for the 'Sister Wives' but had no luck. ;) We met my friend Kristy and her husband John at their hotel and went to eat at the Mandalay Bay buffet although we weren't super hungry since we had been snacking the whole drive up there in order to stay awake. I was impressed with how much food we were able to pack away even so.

Tony and I went out to eat at Serendipity that night while Kristy and John had a date to see the Lion King. The food was alright and we spent a lot considering it was supposed to be a cheaper restaurant. We met up with Kristy and John the next day and went to the Freemont Street Experience (I might be wrong about what that's called) which is the old Las Vegas strip that they put a sort of covering over. Basically it was casinos (surprising right?!) and shops so we just kind of wandered around and I found a few presents for people.

Tuesday night Kristy and I went to see Le Reve while John worked at the conference and Tony hit up the casinos. It was pretty fantastic, like a cirque de soleil show, but in water. There were lots of cool stunts and pretty props, but it left me wishing I was more flexible. I'm not entirely sure it was worth $120 each, but it was pretty special none the less.
On Wednesday Kristy and John had to leave in the afternoon, so we walked around with them for a bit and grabbed a bite to eat before they left. Shortly before they left, it started to rain. Apparently all the traction on the bottom of my flip flops had worn off because I was sliding all over the strip. It was terrifying. So I stayed put in between the M&M and Coca Cola shops while I made Tony go get the car to pick me up. I'd say that was a better option than breaking my hip. We came home on Thursday, got to Jamie's house around 4pm to pick up the girls, and made the drive back to Tucson. Thanks to everyone for watching our kids, we really appreciate it!

We've been wanting to try out this new biking/jogging/horse back riding trail just south of our house (by Tony's work). So we finally went on Saturday afternoon. I took the girls in the bike trailer for the first time and they really enjoyed it, Nola even fell asleep. I was ready to give up about halfway through the trail (it's 2.6 miles) and turn around, but Tony had me go another 1/4 of the way. I survived and I have a really sore butt to prove it! I'm hoping now that it's cooling off, we'll be able to go every other day and I won't have to pay to join a gym until it get hot out again in the spring.
Then yesterday (10/9/11) we had Nola's dedication at church. Lots of our friends and family came along to support us and most of us went out to eat at Culvers afterward. We basically introduced our families, said the dedication vows, and read what we wrote on our 'homework assignment'. Here's what I wrote:

My wish for my girls is that they grow up to put their whole trust in God. I don't want them to fear the future or dwell in the past, but to realize that God's infinite wisdom and love will guide them through any hardships that come their way. I wish for them to be independent, passionate, kind, caring, and responsible. But most of all, I want them to know how much they matter - to me, to their dad, to each other, and especially to God. I want them to know that they are valuable, important, and loved wholly and unconditionally.

Oh and today is my 28th birthday!