Saturday, June 27, 2009

Week 32

32 Weeks Old on 6/26/09

Can you see the brown in her eyes in this pic?

For Father's Day we had my parents, my sister, her husband, and my nephew over for lunch and swimming. The pool temp has been hovering just under 80 since the start of summer because the weather has been cooler than normal. It was a tad colder than I'd like for a baby, but we went in none the less and had a good time. We went to the early service at church that day and, needless to say, I was super tired by the time the day was done. Tony and I had celebrated Father's Day the day before for him. I made him some chocolate covered bacon and bought him 3 PS3 games, a bacon candybar, and a chipotle candybar. We went to see 'The Hangover' (which I thought totally sucked) and out to eat at Chili's while my mom watched Embry.

On Monday morning I was hoping to sleep in. Embry was up around 8am 'talking' which I could hear over the monitor, but I always give her some time in case she decides to go back to sleep. She was still chattering away by 8:30 so I figured my sleepy time was done and I got up to go get her ready for the day. I walk into her nursery to find her sitting up in her crib, happy as a clam, playing in a puddle of poop and pee! Unlike the apple juice incident, I decided to grab my camera and take a picture. It's already on facebook, but in case you missed it...
I thought Tony's question to me later on that day was pretty funny, 'Did you give her a bath afterwards?'

On Wednesday we went to young marrieds and left Embry with the babysitter at our house. I asked her after we got back if Embry cried at all while we were gone (because it's around this age that a lot of babies have separation anxiety and my mom keeps saying that it seems like Embry notices when we leave her). So the sitter said that no she didn't cry, so I explained why I was asking and she said that Embry didn't really seem to notice that we were gone. I'm sure it's different for her if she's in our house or someone else's house though too.

Embry and I have gone in the pool quite a bit this week and Tony even came in with us once! Since it was over 100 for a few days it seems like that's all it took for the pool water to heat up. It's now at about 83 and feels perfect! I was thinking of buying a solar cover, but I guess we'll wait until next summer for that (which is the same thing I said last summer, haha). Anyhow, I'm really glad that Embry likes being in the water because it's soooo nice to be able to cool off on a hot day and spend some quality time outside. I feel like we spend a whole lot of time inside and I like to get fresh air every once in a while.

So I was telling Janell about this the other day and thought I should post about it too. There are times when I'm with Embry and I feel this incredibly overwhelming sense of happiness. It's almost like I'm going to explode with love. This sounds really corny, but I don't know how else to describe it. It's like I want to squeeze her to death and squeal with excitement at how cute she is and how happy she makes me. It's a feeling I've never had before and I guess it'd be hard to imagine unless you'd felt it yourself. It's an amazing blessing to be a mom.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Week 31

31 Weeks Old on 6/19/09

First I have to talk about her outfit in this pic. I bought it and a matching one in blue a long long time ago before we started trying to have a baby. I HAD to buy it because of the adorable hat. I mean, how many outfits come with a hat that cute?! Then I got the blue one too because I still want the cute outfit with the cute hat if I had a boy. To top it off, I got them in the same size for the incredible unlikely event that I would have boy and girl twins. Yep, I'm one of those people. :) I took Embry out to get Tony part of his Father's day present today and go grocery shopping and my goodness, it seemed like EVERYONE stopped me to tell me how cute her/her hat was. I think maybe I should get one.

Embry turned 7 months old last Sunday. We went to church that morning (instead of evening because my nephew was having his first birthday party) and it turns out that they had been using someone else's diaper bag for her! When we walked in to pick her up, the lady holding her was also holding another little girl and a bottle with a drop in. I say that I'm there to pick up Embry and point to her, the lady gets up and references the bottle saying, 'she's just chewing on this, she's not really drinking it.' I say, 'oh ok' and look at Tony kind of bewildered and whisper, 'well that's because it's not her bottle.' Then the lady goes to grab her diaper bag and grabs the wrong one and I tell her which one it is. So we get the baby and the bag and go home to find that Embry is wearing a size 2 diaper (she's been in size 3 for a long time now) and she pooed all over the place. It's at this point that we realize they had in fact been using the wrong diaper bag for her and probably trying to feed her someone else's bottle. I'm sure if I worked in a nursery, I'd get babies and their bags confused all the time. Point is, I thought it was somewhat funny, but if it were someone else's baby this had happened to I'm sure they'd be none too pleased.

Embry started doing her army crawl forward this week. We quick got the video and digital cameras out and filmed her. Now she's going around the house like crazy. Back and forth from the living room to the dining room over and over again. Because of this, I'm realizing how dirty my tile floor really is. I've decided to save some time, I'm going to attach a swiffer sweeping cloth to her stomach and just let her go all out in the dining room/kitchen. She's also fascinated with chewing on the laptop cord, we'll have to do something about that. Another key development is that she's learned how to use her walker really well within the past week. She really enjoys scaring the crud out of the cats. She'll see one across the room and run full speed ahead towards it while screaming. They run underneath the dining room table and then Embry will run into the table repeatedly trying to get to them. I walked into the dining room yesterday after I heard a noise and Embry had grabbed my video camera off the coffee table and perched it precariously on the edge of her walker, I'm glad I caught her in time!

I've been trying to get her to use a sippy cup, but she really doesn't understand that you still have to suck on it to get liquid to come out. I gave her one yesterday while we were in the kitchen and she was mostly playing with it, but I figured it didn't matter if it kept her occupied. Then I look behind me after a minute or two and she had unscrewed the lid and had a large puddle of apple juice on the floor in front of her. Naturally she put both hands out to the side, shoved her face into the floor, and started to suck the juice off the floor. I had a moment of, 'should I go get the camera and take a picture or clean this up before she gets all wet and sticky?' Then decided to clean it up. She is so silly!

I took her to the dr yesterday for a follow up appt about her diaper rash. It had gotten a little bit better, but wasn't going away so the dr told me to come in. She weighed 17lbs 11oz with her clothes on. The dr prescribed some steroid cream in addition to what he prescribed last time and said it should be gone within 2 weeks. I asked him about his thoughts on orajel cuz I had heard it could make their gums hard and make it more difficult for the teeth to come through. He said orajel is ok, it will only numb it for a few minutes though, the best thing to use is a cold teething ring. I asked about those homeopathic teething tablets that everyone is raving about and he said that there's no evidence that they do anything at all. So that's that.

I'm getting really nervous about taking her on a plane to go to WI in July. She needs a lot more to keep her occupied now and she screams extremely loudly for no reason at all. Mainly she does it when she's happy, like yesterday in the check out line in Costco. That place is extremely loud and her scream was ear piercing even with all the background noise. I'd be so embarrassed if she did that on a plane. Eeek.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Week 30

30 Weeks Old on 6/12/19

Well Embry is still not crawling and she'll be 7 months old in 2 days. Not that there's a time limit on this, but I figured she would be crawling by now. However she is very talented at swirling in circles on her stomach at a rapid pace. She started going forward (kinda) in her walker this week. I don't think she understands that she has to lean forward in order to go forward, but she is skilled at going backwards in it. Here's a video of her going forward today...

We moved into the pampers cruisers this week. I had gotten a box of Pampers baby dry because they were cheaper, but the cruisers have the dry weave inside and the baby dry have an inside like Huggies (which I feel is less absorbent). We'll see how the cruisers work out.

She pulls her hair whenever she's nursing. I feel like she's going to rip it all out. She also tries to grab my hair any chance she gets, so I try to keep it out of her reach. I think it's soothing for her. We need to get her a dolly with long hair so she can pull on that instead.

I took her to Agua Caliente park yesterday. I've been wanting to do that for a while because I thought she'd like the grass and watching the ducks etc. Tony was out to dinner and a movie with guys from work yesterday, so I took that opportunity to go to the park with Embry. Beforehand I stopped at BRU and bought an umbrella stroller (the big one takes up my entire trunk). So she liked the stroller and I put her on the grass while I sat there and took pictures of her (too bad I didn't have my good camera along, but oh well, next time). She LOVED the grass! She also loved all the random tree droppings that she tried to shove into her mouth. I let her play with a big palm frond (figured she couldn't choke on that) and she would flail her legs all around to feel the grass on them...oh so cute! That experience is what I envisioned when I thought of having kids, so perfect. I also fed her pears while we were there. Either she really liked them, or she was starving, because she gobbled them up. Afterwards we went for a walk around the park and walked down to the second pond, which actually had some water in it. Then Embry fell asleep on the way back to the car, it was great!

Last weekend I was not having a good time with Embry, I just wanted to get some time to myself for a little while. So I decided to go to church on Sat night while Tony hung out with a friend and then I'd get to put Embry in the nursery. We get there and I go to the room that she normally goes into and there's nobody there. So I go to another nursery room and ask which room she's supposed to go in, the lady points to the one I was just at and I tell her that nobody's in there. She asks someone else, they say somebody is there, so I go look again. I make a bunch of noise etc, nobody is in there. So I go sit on a bench until church starts and nobody ever comes to man the infant nursery. I just ended up putting her back in the car and going to Target instead. After that it was getting dark so I took her to purple heart park in Rita Ranch. We walked around there and looked at all the amenities, it's a nicer park than I had originally thought. They have an ok sized pool, a sand volleyball court, 3 baseball diamonds, a couple of play grounds, etc. I'm sure we'll be going there a lot when she gets a little older.

So, I feel like I've aged about 5 years in the past 7 months since having Embry. Not only that, I also look like I've aged 5 years. I am attributing this to my lack of sleep. Before I had her I would need about 16 hours of sleep a day. Not like I was lazy and just stayed in bed all the time, I literally couldn't function properly on less sleep. Now I'm getting about 8-10 hours a night. Fine for the average person, really bad for me. Also, Embry screams whenever I leave the room during the day, so the only time I have to clean is after she goes to bed at 10. Therefore I don't get to bed until around midnight. In addition, I also feel like I can't pump until she's in bed because otherwise I'll be pumping milk that she would need to eat at her next meal. On that subject, I realized this week that if you don't disassemble the membranes on a breastpump to clean them, they will grow mold. Gross.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Week 29

29 Weeks Old on 6/6/09

Embry rode in the kids part of the shopping cart (without the carseat) for the first time this week. To my dismay, she also decided to suck on most of the carts and try to hurl herself over the side in efforts to grab shiny things that we would roll past. I would have taken pictures of her in these carts, but I wanted to wait until she went for a ride in a Target cart because Target is the happiest place on Earth.

She also sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time this week. It was at the Texas Roadhouse last night. She sucked on the edge of the table and probably ingested the remnants of many peanut shells after dropping all of her toys onto the floor.

Here is a picture where you can see the little bit of brown around the pupils of Embry's eyes.