Monday, December 30, 2013


Thanksgiving was nice and actually somewhat relaxed for me.  Tony fried 2 for a friend and one for us.  Dorothea, Allison, and Micah came down from Phoenix and my family was over as well.  Then I got to do some black friday/thursday shopping.  Didn't get any big items, but Embry definitely needed some warm 5T clothes so I got some cheap pjs etc. 

Then I helped run the Antiquities photo session fundraiser for MOPS childcare at church for a few days.  It was lots of work and involved a loooong ordeal of locking my keys in my car along with 4 peoples lunches from Chipotle.  Luckily a girl I know from MOPS was inside eating lunch with her kiddos so I sat with her while I waited for Tony to drive up from work with the extra set of keys to let me into the car.  Anyhow, the pictures turned out soooo cute, I love them!