Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tony's 26!

Nola being the super cutie that she is!

And we're only 1 year apart in age for a mere 2 months once again. This fact makes me feel like less of a cradle robber. ;)

Ok so I started this post about 2 weeks ago and all I got down were 2 sentences. I guess I'll finish what I started and say that Tony's birthday weekend was pretty fun. We went up to Phoenix and stayed at a resort for Saturday night. We took Embry over to play in the pools and then dropped her off at grandma Dorothea's house to spend the night with Nola. Tony and I ate dinner at Carrabbas even though we tried to eat at the Heart Attack Grill, but apparently it closed down. Sunday morning we had a breakfast buffet, went to the waterpark (I went down the slide WITHOUT getting injured, huge success), packed up and went to spend Sunday night at Tony's mom's apt. All of us: Doro, Allison, Micah, me, Tony, Embry, Nola, and Stefan went out to eat dinner at the Mellow Mushroom which is a pizza place that Tony's been wanting to try and it was dang good. Except all the kids were super cranky which was a tad stressful.

Embry at the resort water park.

Tony and Nola outside of the Mellow Mushroom

Our air conditioner broke AGAIN, this time the outside unit, and after talking to the home warranty place, they finally decided it would behoove everyone if they replaced the whole outside component. This was great news, and they also said they'd get it done within 2 days which was way better than the 30 day installation estimate they gave us at first. They replaced it on Tuesday 8/9 and in the meantime, my mom and I replaced the drywall that was cut out and the baseboards that were removed. We had a bit of snag replacing the carpet padding because it was felt and not foam (which is what they have at Lowes and Home Depot). We also cleaned the carpet and stretched it back out. We were going to have the entire downstairs tiled and had everything all set, then realized we just couldn't work that much of a cost into our budget so we put that on the back burner for a while. Hopefully we'll be able to get it done sometime in the future, but for now the carpet is going to have to suffice.

My physical therapy is completely done. I hate to be a debbie downer, but I've been feeling worse lately. My back/hips/joints in general all hurt and my intestinal problems are back (which were pretty much non-existent when I was pregnant/nursing) and my headaches are returning as well. I know I can deal with all of these things, I just can't help but think of how much more fun life would be if I didn't feel this way.

My dad has early Alzheimer's which means he asks the same question multiple times. My favorite common question is when he says to me, 'Are you getting fatter, or are you pregnant again?' This stings double fold because not only am I already painfully aware that I've gained weight (and ALL of it in my stomach) but also because there's no way I'd be pregnant since we can't have anymore kids. He asks it every time he sees me, without fail.

This brings up another point, how do you get motivated to do cardio and weight training when you're in constant pain? I'm kind of confused about the whole thing because I want to be more active, but I also think I shouldn't be pushing myself too hard. It's a double edged sword.

Anyhow, I hosted my sister Jen's baby shower yesterday. It was lots of fun and I can't wait to meet little baby Kindra soon!

Jen and I and the cake I made.

Embry and Colter had so much fun playing together!