Saturday, February 28, 2009

Week 15

15w 1d on 2/28/09

Well it appears that my blog posts are getting later and later. I guess it's hard for me to post on Fridays, I can't imagine that I'm busy, but oh well.

Last week I bought a nursing cover on ebay. It's great! I feel a lot more confident going out in public now that I know I have a way to feed Embry other than in a bathroom stall. The girl that I bought it from has like 70 patterns of fabric to choose from and I really like the colors and pattern that I chose. I was a little worried about being able to see through it since it's just a single sheet of cotton, but you can't see through it at all. Plus it's got this little pocket on the bottom right inside corner where I can put my breast pad while I'm nursing so I don't have to set it out. All in all, it makes me very happy! The heavier Embry gets (and according to our scale she's over 13lbs now), the harder it is for me to take her out. I mean, lifting her in the car seat out of the car and into a shopping cart or stroller is really pushing me to the edge of my capacity. I'm not sure what I'll do once she gains more weight. I guess the only real options are either a) don't leave the house or b) just deal with it.

Anyhow, she's getting closer and closer to rolling over. She only goes to her left side though. If I let her grab onto my finger and pull her a little bit, then she rolls over, but she can't get there on her own yet.

She scratched up her left calf a bunch because she's started grabbing her foot and sometimes misses and just scratches her leg instead. We cut her nails again after we saw the scratches, but I wonder if there's something I can put on them to help them heal in the meantime.

I'm thinking of possibly putting a swing set in the backyard. I was always against the idea because I kind of view them as a waste of space and I didn't want a big bulky thing taking up any of my yard. Well, in order to keep the grassy area intact, I'm thinking it will go behind the pool which is now a big open rocky space that is not being used for any purpose. Of course we'd have to put sand back there or something instead of the rocks, but the real issue would be redoing the pool fence. We couldn't have the pool in the same area as the swing set because that would defeat the purpose of the fence, so we'd have to move the fence. Seems like a big project. Bleh. We also need to extent our patio and the patio roof. Hmmm...

Embry was babysat by someone other than family for the first time yesterday. I had rescheduled my teeth cleaning but forgot to tell Tony the time I had rescheduled it to, so he had some things at work to do. Cara from young marrieds said she would watch her while I went to the dentist, which was a great help! Then Embry and I ran some errands and went to the mall. I had been avoiding the mall because of trying to maneuver a stroller through tiny spaces, but I decided to conquer that fear. Yes, I did run into many many clothing racks and a table cloth covering a display table got caught in one of the stroller wheels, but for the most part it was a pretty good experience.

Embry got to meet some more of her family members today when my brother and his family came over. We all sat out on the patio (it was a beautiful day) and talked and played 'pass the baby.' Embry was a perfect angel the whole time, it was great and I got a lot of good pictures. Once she started fussing we laid a blanket down on the grass and let her hang out there for a while.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Week 14

14 Weeks Old on 2/20/09

These weeks are going by really fast. I don't know what's going on, but it seems like I just made a blog post yesterday.

On Valentine's day Embry got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa Nehs for a few hours while Tony and I went over to Deb's house for a V-day dinner. When we got done, I called my mom and she said that they hadn't had enough time with her yet. I guess they played with her for about an hour and then she fell asleep...she's always so good for other people, haha. Earlier that day, she finally got to meet my friend Jessica who has 2 little girls. There's Krystal who's 3 and Sofia who's 1 and my god-daughter. Sofia is about 13 months older than Embry, so we're hoping they can become friends later on. V-day was also the day she turned 3 months old!

Tony worked from home on Monday so I could go to the dentist without the baby. Then he also worked from home on Thursday when I had a rheumatology appointment and Embry slept the whole time I was gone. This seems to happen a lot.

We went to MOPS on Tuesday and I decided that since I had some milk in the fridge that needed to be used that I would put Embry in the nursery instead of taking her in with me. I was a tad nervous because it would be quite bad if she got sick and then I got sick. Anyhow it seemed to go fine because the nusery workers never had to call me to come get her. They did however say that she was constipated and then had diarrhea, but I'm still trying to figure out how you can tell if a baby is constipated or if they have diarrhea. So, it was good overall because I got to enjoy myself in MOPS and Embry seemed to survive without me. Then I ventured to Target afterwards and I have to say that I've been there 3 times in the past week and every single time I forget to buy the cradle cap stuff that Robin suggested. Apparently I need to write it down! Later that day we met up with some YM girls for coffee at Starbucks and Embry was very well behaved, so yahoo for that!

We had YM at our house on Wed and she was pretty good for the most part. Then right before we all went our separate ways, she decided to have a blow out (sorry Deb!) and soil her light cream colored fuzzy outfit. Yes, of course it was the first time she had worn it. Tony and I are becoming masters at getting poo out of clothes. This brings me to another point. She went from pooing constantly to not pooing at all and then having a whole bunch come out at once. It happened again yesterday as I was trying to leave for Sarah's. Well at least she doesn't have diaper rash anymore!

My parents came over yesterday to hang out and watch a movie. Embry was fantastic and slept through the whole movie and then later she showed Grandma and Grandpa how well her lungs work and gave a couple minutes of ear piercing shreiks while I changed her diaper. I read in a magazine the other day that sometimes babies cry just because there's nothing else to do. That's not nice at all.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Week 13

13 Weeks old on 2/13/09

It's Friday already?! Where does the time go?

This week was rather uneventful since I decided to stay home to avoid the frustrations of last week's fussiness. We did however go up to Phoenix last Friday night/Saturday. She had a really rough time on the car ride up there because we were stuck in traffic due to an accident on the freeway and if the car's not moving, Embry is crying. Sat afternoon I fed Embry in the Target bathroom which was really interesting because every time a toilet would flush she would swing her head around towards the sound and her eyes would get really wide. Basically she ended up not getting fed very well. We also left a nice puddle of spit up on the Target bathroom floor. Woops!

She was rather fussy on Wed night at Young Marrieds. Fun fun.

I finally decided to venture out with her on my own yesterday. We were gone from 1-6pm running errands. Once again decided to nurse in the Target bathroom (at least it's clean) and I was about as successful as the time before. Before we left Albertsons I was telling Embry how our next stop was Costco and how much Mama hates that store. Then I put her in the cart at Costco and we walk about 5 feet into the store and she just starts screaming. There was seemingly nothing wrong with her, but she definitely felt the need to exercise her lungs! So I took her out of her carrier and held her while pushing the cart with the other hand. Luckily I only needed a few things, and I think people kinda felt sorry for me, so we were out of there in no time at all. Surprisingly, I'd say it was my best trip to Costco yet!

We started putting Embry in her crib to sleep for the night on Tuesday. It is FANTASTIC! The first night she didn't wake up until 6:30 to eat and then the next night she ate once around 7am and then was still asleep when I went in there to get her at noon. Last night was a little weird because she got up at 4am to eat (and surprisingly it was Tony who woke me up because she was cooing in the monitor, I was having a dream and the cooing was part of my dream) but then she didn't wake up again until around 11:15am. I'm definitely getting a much more sound sleep now that she's not in our room, so I'm happy.

I've been trying to put her down for tummy time a lot more even though she pretty much hates it. She's a master at holding her head up, so I'm not really concerned that she's not getting enough 'tummy time hours' logged. Today in one of our tummy time sessions, she was on her tummy for about 3 minutes and she threw up 3 times. If I were her, I wouldn't like tummy time either!

I put a bonnet on her today and it was thee cutest thing I've ever seen in my life! Oh speaking of her head, she's got cradle cap. Luckily she has lots of hair to cover it up. I'm gonna try putting baby oil on it, brushing it, and using the washcloth to exfoliate it in the bath. I've heard not to use soap on it because it will just dry it out more, but I can't imagine putting oil in her hair and then only washing it out with water...ick.

Tomorrow is her 3 month birthday! Happy birthday baby!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Week 12

12 Weeks old on 2-6-09

Embry has been rather fussy this week. When I went to MOPS on Tuesday, she started crying almost the exact second I walked in the door. So I took her out of her car seat and held her which was ok for a bit. Then she was fussing so I walked to the back where she fell asleep in my arms. I made it back to my seat and sat down, then tried to move her to put her back in the car seat, but no luck. When I started to move her, she woke up and started crying again. Needless to say, it was not a good experience. I thought about just leaving midway through, but decided to stick it out. Then I nursed her for about 20 and we left to go to costco...also, not a good time. I do this certain thing quite often and always end up mad about it afterwards. I stand by the baby clothes taking my time picking out the perfect outfits, dresses, onesies - whatever it is I happen to be looking at - then put them in my cart and walk around some more, then decide it's a waste of money and put them all back. It's ridiculous! Even thinking about it makes me upset. Anyhow, I did this at costco with these adorable Dr. Suess onesies and some cheap summer dresses, bleh.

On Wednesday I took Embry out to my parents house where she was lots of fun and all smiley. She slept on the car ride to young marrieds, but was fussified once we got there. Then she cried the entire car ride home from young marrieds (which was like 20 min cuz it was in Vail). So when I got home I fed her and she was fine, but she started crying mid feeding (really unusual, she loves food) and I look up at Tony and go, "I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this is the only child we will ever have." Needless to say, I was really not feelin it. Now, once again, I'm back to thinking we will have more than one. I waiver back and forth on this about 5 times a day. The part I don't want to go through again is the first month or two. I'm not sure how it is for the 'normal' folk, but for me, my body literally does not function on that little sleep. Maybe if I was formula feeding it would have been different because Tony could have stayed up at night (if you could wake him up in the first place, 36 ring a bell anyone?!) to feed her, but I would feel guilty if I was capable of breast feeding and didn't. So basically, I'm confused. End of story.

Moving on- I think we will move her to the nursery to sleep at night since she is sleeping for at least 8 hours everynight. It will make things a little easier for me because she makes noise in her sleep (ocassional screams and then the normal grunts/coos/whatever) and everytime she even moves her leg or turns her head, I wake up. I'm not normally that light of a sleeper, but since becoming a mom any noise she makes will jolt me out of my sleep. We're going up to Phoenix to stay the night at Tony's mom's place today, so once we get back we'll start putting her in her crib and I'll report next week how it goes.

Other interesting tidbits:
1) My daughter loves tv. I think it's like a big toy for her with all the moving colors and fun noises. Everytime I'm feeding her and sit her up to burp, she stares at the tv very intently. Sometimes she'll start to fuss when I burp her, but then just turn her towards the tube and all is well with the world! I'm hoping she doesn't become a couch potato like Tony and me because we watch a LOT of tv.
2) She's developed a bald spot on the back of her head from laying/sitting with her head resting on the swing/bed/bouncer. Not sure what to do about that, but it bothers me.
3) I think she might end up with blue eyes. If not blue, then another light color (green perhaps) because her eyes have gotten sooo light since she was born. Tony's eyes aren't exactly brown, so this is not particularily surprising to me.
4) She screamed at the top of her lungs last night after her bath when I was trying to put lotion on her. I swear, I have never heard anything so loud or deafening in my lifetime. It was ear piercingly shrill...yikes. She was seemingly fine, but apparently she wasn't having it. Hope there is not a repeat.
5) Embry just had a complete blow out. She was asleep in her swing and I picked her up to feed her and she had pooed all up her back, through her white onesie (which is now in the trash), through her pajamas, and onto her swing. She even pooed through the front of the onesie...that's a first for us. Amazing how much poo these little bodies can produce!
6) I am down to my pre-prepregnancy weight which is fantastic, but I think my hips are about 3 feet wider than they were before which can be evidenced by this...
Yep, that's right, on Wed the butt of my jeans ripped as I was bending over. Granted they were a very old pair of jeans, but does this make a woman who just had a baby feel good? No. Embarrassing? Yes. I think they should make a thing called post-maternity pants that have a little extra room in the hip area...I think I've really got something here. So if you YMers are wondering where Tony and I disappeared to on Wed night, we were in the bathroom so Tony could safety pin the butt of my pants back together. Good times!
7) Embry: I want to squish her and kiss her all day long, she is soooo stinkin cute!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009