Friday, March 30, 2012

LA Fitness

I went on a tour of LA Fitness yesterday. They're building one on Golf Links and Harrison, which is closer to my house, set to open in April. It was nice, but the child care was really not something I liked. It's a nice set up, but there were 2 workers for like 15 kids, they don't change diapers, they don't give sippy cups, and when I picked up the kids Embry was whining. So come to find out some boy in there head-butted her and knocked her over (she has a bruise on her forehead now) and they didn't even reprimand him. I mean you can't exactly trust everything a 3 year old says, but either way, I didn't want to take them back there. Next up is the YMCA. Only issues I have there is that the pool is outside (although it is heated all winter), and there is no spinning or cycling class. I have heard that the childcare does fill up sometimes so you'd either have to wait for 2 spots to open or just forgo your workout if you can't wait. That would really tick me off. I know a lot of mom's that go there, which is good and bad. Good that I might have some added accountability, but bad that I look like a red-faced freak when I work out and would be trying to hide behind every pillar and weight machine possible. ;)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I started this post about 2 weeks ago and added a bunch of pictures etc, but then the autosave didn't work, so it got erased...argh.

My thyroid level was normal with the med adjustment and my cortisol level was also normal, so now it's time to get on the workout bandwagon. Especially since my 10 year high school reunion is on July 29!!!!! I can't possibly go back there looking like this. Once I start to think I don't look so bad, I see a picture of myself and am totally taken by surprise and how incredibly horrible I actually look. I mean, it's gross. I almost feel like taking 'before' pictures of myself in a bikini or something as motivation to not give up on working out, but I might actually break down if I have tangible evidence of what this looks like without clothes on. Oh and get this, gained another 5 lbs. That puts me at 180lbs. 15 lbs heavier than I've ever been. Something must be done.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Health Update

Kids are great!

My leg ultrasound came back fine, so no clots, woohoo!

My back xray was also good, the fractures are there, but have hardened nicely so that means less pain, but never no pain. I'm ok with that.

I went to the ear/nose/throat dr on Monday who said that the perforation in the ear drum has healed, but there is a lot of fluid and pressure in the middle ear which is causing the ear drum to be sucked in making it concave and unable to vibrate, hence the lack of hearing out of that ear. He prescribed a taper of prednisone starting at 40mg which I took the first dose of yesterday. I'm really hoping this does not add to my already troublesome weight problem, but I doubt it will since it's only for 2 weeks.

My pcp rechecked my thyroid and also checked my cortisole levels (per my request) and I'm hoping to get those results back tomorrow.