Saturday, April 26, 2008

Announcements are Done

Now just waiting to go to the next Dr appt on May 7th and then I'll send them out. I made 50 of them in 4 diff colors: the color in the pics, a gray, and 2 dif shades of green. I think they turned out great and can't wait to send them out!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ultrasound at 10 weeks


We just got back from the ultrasound and I'm pretty much in shock. It was the most amazing thing ever!

We got there and right away the lady at the desk looked at my video tape that I had in my hand and said they won't take video, ok so oh well, I still have my camera along. So after filling out a few papers (where our street name was Woof Berry, haha) we waited and then after about 10 minutes the tech came out and called "Luh-treese." I knew that was me, so we went back. There were 3 ultrasound techs in our room and I asked if we could take any pictures and they said no. Shot down again, but she consoled me saying that they would give me a print out. Ok, that's good enough. Then I laid on the table and apparently they were trying out a new machine that does 2D and 3D, yahoo! So the youngest of the techs squirted the jelly on me which made a loud farting noise and I said "Tony, geez!" to which the techs laughed. Then she started rolling the probe around the bottom of my stomach and voila! A little baby appeared on the screen! It actually looked like a baby too! As soon as we saw it, it started flailing its arms and legs like nobody's business and the techs were oogling about how active and cute it was. That's my baby, the cute one! So they took some measurements and whatnot. They said the sac was very big, lots of fluid, very good sign. Then we saw the heartbeat, absolutely amazing. I could tell that Tony just thought this whole experience was the coolest thing ever from his various reactions, I love my husband. Then they turned on the sound and we got to hear the fast wooshing of the heartbeat, also equally amazing. We saw the 3D ultrasound which I had to have the tech explain to me what was what because it basically looked like a vagina. The thing in the middle was apparently the baby. When they went back to the 2D the baby was bouncing around it was the neatest thing in the world to see my baby moving so much. I can't believe that there is actually a real live person growing inside of me!

I spent part of the morning working on the announcements/mothers day cards. I think they're turning out quite cute and now I have a wonderful little picture of our baby to put in each one, how exciting!

Here is a pic of me standing outside the ultrasound place, a 10 week belly shot, the best pic of baby Ciaravella (which will be going in the announcements), and then 2 more shots of the baby. The head is on the right and there is a fist in the front/bottom and one right by the nose (so you know it's not a weird growth coming out of the baby's face). :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

9 Weeks

I'm basically writing this post to put up my 9 week belly shot, but I'm sure there are some things I can talk about too.

The morning sickness seems to be subsiding when I eat, so that's a bonus. I'm still tired, but what else is new? haha. The poop issues appear to be clearing up, praise Jesus. Also, same for the large quantities of acid in my stomach. I'm thinking maybe my body just needed to adjust to switching from prilosec (very strong) to zantac (very weak). I'm realizing what foods my body likes and which it doesn't and eating based on that info.

I can't express what I'm feeling, but let me just say that I feel so incredibly blessed to be me right now. I can't imagine how my life could get any better and I'm wondering what made me deserving of all of this. I don't imagine that I've done anything "great" in the eyes of God to deserve these blessings, but he gave them to me none the less, and I'm amazed at all of it. So with an incredibly thankful heart, I'm posting my 9 week picture. :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

8 Weeks and Change

I lost another 6 lbs! I wish losing weight was this easy without being pregnant. Now only 15 lbs to go and I'll be at my pre-pre-pregnancy weight, haha.

It turns out that when you don't ovulate on day 14 of your cycle you don't count your weeks starting from the first day of your last period. It's occurring to me now that the drs/nurses are counting the day I ovulated (day 18 of my cycle, or Feb 28) as 2 weeks into pregnancy not 2 weeks & 4 days like I had been. So therefore, I am 8 wks & 2 days into my pregnancy right now. Anyhow, here is my 8 week picture taken tonight and I'm sorry but the bottom half of my stomach just will not suck in anymore, I guess there's like a baby in there or something!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ultrasound Appt

Apparently, I don't actually get to schedule the ultrasound. I called the dr's office today (because they hadn't called me yet to schedule it and I wanted to get in like asap) and the girl said that they hadn't forgotten about me, they were just short staffed and they should be calling me this afternoon to set up the appt. So the girl calls me this afternoon and tells me when my appointment is for the ultrasound. I don't get to like pick a day or a time that would be most convenient, they just tell me when it will be. Now with me, that's not a problem, I don't have a whole lot that's actually set it stone so I can do a "whenever" ultrasound, but I would really like my husband to be able to go since it's kind of like a big deal. So it's scheduled for April 24 (not next week like the nurse practitioner said, but 2 whole weeks away) for 12:45pm. That would be exactly when Tony is in class. Hopefully he'll be able to come over to see the first pictures of the little Turkey, but it's highly doubtful since it's his last semester of college and it's almost over, he's totally bogged down with projects right now. I'm fairly positive they don't do printouts of the ultrasound at this early stage (although I will be 10 wks by then and you could probably see like arms/legs etc) so I'm taking my camera and hopefully they'll let me get a pic of the screen to show Tony. I'd also really love to send that out in the announcements, so fun! Maybe I can cut feathers out of construction paper and glue them onto the baby's spine in the pic so it really will be my Thanksgiving Turkey! Or maybe not. Gobble gobble. Anyhow, I can't wait!!! I need to have patience for the next 2 weeks and hopefully things to do to keep my mind off of the impending ultrasound. I mean come on, the first pictures of our first baby, this is a big thing for me, this is scrapbooking material!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

First Dr Appt

The dr appt went well. I just got a pap and they took some blood and that was about it. It was with the nurse practitioner who gave me a prescription for prenatal vitamins, I've been taking over the counter ones for the past 15 months or so. Also the lab ladies couldn't find my veins so they stuck me twice in one arm and once in the other and moved the needles all around and then finally got a vein. So now it looks like I've been shooting up, nice. The good news is that without even really begging she said they'd set me up for an ultrasound for next week, so now I'm just waiting for that call. My next appt at the OB isn't till May 7 and then I'll get to hear the heartbeat.

In other baby news, my sister had her baby boy on Sunday! They named him Colter Dusty Gulley. Apparently she had a very tough time with labor and delivery, yikes. Also 17.5 hours of labor, so I'm hoping mine will go quite a bit better than that. Here's a pic of the little guy!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So the moving is over for the most part. There are still boxes left at my parent's house but nothing major. Now let the unpacking begin! My mom is on the way over to paint the shelf in the living room since it's so high she doesn't want Pregnantrice on the ladder to do it. Oh and I'm sorry baby for all the toxic paint fumes you've breathed in over the last week, I just wasn't going to wear that yucky medical mask, I hope you're not permanently damaged.

I'm fairly certain that Tony's mom and sister have no idea that I'm pregnant after their visit. Especially since some of the ym people told me some comments they made while they were here about wanting me to be pregnant, haha, aren't they just going to be shocked come Mother's day when I send out the announcement cards! It was hard for me though to keep it from them just because I know how excited they would be, but that's life, oh well.

I'm now 8 weeks and I have my first doctor's appt tomorrow. I feel like I'm running a fever all the time, but I can't find my thermometer in the boxes to check. I usually run a fever anyway, but I hear if it's over 102 then it's not good for the baby. I'm sure the nurse practitioner will check tomorrow.

I did lose another pound, but I have to say, I am soooo thankful that my morning sickness subsided while I was getting the painting done. That in itself was a miracle.

I'll have lots to write about tomorrow after my appt, so until then, here's my 7 week picture, enjoy!