Saturday, May 29, 2010

15 Weeks

15 week belly shot taken at the inner harbor in Baltimore

Monday, May 24, 2010

14 weeks

so didn't take a 14 week pic till Saturday 5/22, but here it is.
On Thurs I went with my mom to my OB appt and we got to hear the heartbeat. It was between 140-150. I made my appt for the Ultrasound for June 17 (exactly 18 weeks) which I'm very excited about, but also slightly nervous. I have in my mind that Bean is a girl, so I'd be surprised if it was a boy. Everytime I buy Embry some clothes, I think, 'oh good, baby bean can wear this too!'

We went to Phoenix this weekend and had lots of fun. Thurs was Tony's sister's high school graduation, which in itself, was fine. Beforehand though I got to take some senior type pictures of her which was lots of fun! Afterward there was a mini get together at Tony's mom's apt and we tried to put embry down to bed, but she wanted to be in on the action so she freaked herself out and threw up all over the carpet. So, about an hour later, Tony went in there to get the tripod and she was standing there, awake, and moaning. So he took her out, we got a group picture, and then went swimming. Friday we went to Canyon Lake and after asking people, making multiple turn arounds, and talking to more people, we got down to a really nice swimming/camping area. Tony grilled some breakfast burritos and we swam and took a walk. It was fantastic and I'd love to go camping there sometime this summer which we're planning for the end of June. Also on the agenda for this summer...tubing down the salt river finally. :) Saturday we went for a bbq and swimming at Tony's aunt/uncle's community which was lots of fun. Then his mom watched Embry while we went to see the new Shrek movie (liked the other ones a lot better), then went to motherhood maternity (where I spent my $100 giftcard, yay), and then out to eat at a place in Scottsdale called the Chop and Wok. It was like a bar with some tables outside, but the food was incredibly delicious and Tony was impressed with their extensive beer selection. We stopped at wine store on the way back to the apt and Tony got a bottle of Mead (he's been talking about mead for like a year now) and cooked that up once we got back. I had a few sips (yes, call cps) and I have to say, it was actually quite good. Tastes kinda like apple cider. Sunday we went to church, met up with Jamie at Culvers for lunch (mmmmmm), and then went to the outlets at Anthem where I got Embry some clothes for cheap. Once we got back to the apt, I played a game of Cranium (where I lost, naturally) and then I drove us home.

Embry had her 18 month check up today. She's in about the 35% for weight (at 23lbs) and 75% for height. Dr said I'd be lucky to get 1-2 good meals in her a day, so don't worry about her not eating as much as I think she needs to. It was pretty uneventful and the next appt is at 2 years, so I'll take her and baby bean in at the same time. :) Fun fun!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Better Belly Shot

Here's a better 13 week belly pic taken today.

Oh and just a funny pic of me kissing Embry on the cheek.

18 Months!

Embry turned 18 months old yesterday. She's getting to be such a big girl! She kinda runs now. It's more like a gallop/hop where one foot is always in front of the other. It's adorable. She's absolutely obsessed with Elmo. When she watched it, she goes into some sort of trance and can't be bothered by anything. She says probably about 50 words now, way too many to list and is quite talkative. She doesn't string together sentences yet, but it is fun to hear her say 'hi baby' or 'hi mama' or 'hi dada'. She also picked up 'See ya' recently which is darn cute. She's gone pee pee in the potty 3 times so far, twice for me and once for my mom. I think after we get back from Maryland we'll start potty training hard core. I'm going to get some pull ups for at night and hopefully we'll be out of diapers before baby bean arrives. We spend part of every morning outside. I'm so glad we have a nice grassy back yard for Embry to play in while I sit and read. She loves being outside, loves playing with sidewalk chalk (on the cement and on herself and sometimes me too), loves picking up as many rocks as she can carry, loves kicking and throwing balls, and loves looking at the blooming bouganvilla bushes. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me and I thank God for her everyday.

I was somewhat concerned with how she'd act around a baby, but my fears were partially put to rest yesterday. I watched my friend's baby for a couple hours and Embry was so sweet to her. She kept going up and saying 'hi baby', rocking her, giving her toys, cuddling her, and giving her lots of kisses. I hope she's just as nice to baby bean. We shall see.

13w, 2d

Here's the 13 week belly shot.
so I have to apologize for the swimming suit shot here. On Thurs when I was supposed to take the belly shot, I had a migraine and went straight to bed. So we took the pic yesterday after I had been swimming. Hope it's sufficient.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Ok, I just have to post this picture. I LOVE it!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Here is my 12 week belly shot from last night.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

12 Week Appt

My appointment is today. I'm nervous. I really hope we hear a good strong heartbeat.

I was sick with the stomach flu, I haven't gained any weight, I normally feel my pulse through my back when I lay flat on my back (while pregnant) and I haven't lately, I haven't been as tired, I haven't been nauseous at all, my poo is back to normal.

I hope these are all the diminished symptoms just mean that I'm moving into the 2T and it's smooth sailing for the next 12 weeks, but of course, I can't help that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that maybe there's some other reason for feeling better.

Appt is at 11am. Tony's meeting me there. I'll update afterwards.


Baby bean is alive! Woohooo! The nurse weighed me and goes, 'um you've lost weight' and I told her how I had the stomach flu. Then my BP was 114/60 and the dr measured my uterus (12.75 cm). She did the dopplar, we heard a heartbeat, yay! Then Tony started video taping, so here you go!

Beforehand I was nice and optimistic and went to Kohl's to find Embry a 'Big Sister' shirt. They only had 1, it was on clearance, but it is size 3T, so it's a smidge big. I took some pics of her in it after I got home and I must say, she's freakin adorable. I love my baby girl. Baby Bean is gonna be in serious trouble if he/she isn't as cute as Embry. ;)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Potty Training

We recently moved Embry's potty chair into the downstairs bathroom, so she can come in with me while I go and hopefully it would inspire her to go as well. Tonight, it worked! She went pee pee in the potty for the first time...I'm so proud of her! I hope this is a sign of good things to come! I'd love to have her fully potty trained by the time Baby Bean arrives.

My parents came over today. My mom brought along two Bert and Ernie dolls. Now Embry is walking around cuddling them, kissing them, trying to feed them, trying to brush their teeth, and saying 'Bert, Ernie!' It is quite adorable.