Friday, March 27, 2009

Week 19

19 Weeks Old on 3/27/09

I don't think I have a whole lot to say this week, except that I tried to take Embry to get her 4 month shots today and failed again. They have walk-in appointments from 2-3:30 and at 3:30 I was in the car still about 5 minutes away from the dr's office. So instead I went to JoAnn Fabrics and got the rest of the tulle for her tutu.

Tony and I went to Borders yesterday and got Embry 'The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins' which is Tony's favorite Dr. Seuss book. We also got her 3 baby einstein board books, the classic Pooh anthology, a children's stories anthology, and a thing of nursery rhymes that comes with 2 books and 2 cds. I can't wait till she's actually interested in me reading books to her. She's somewhat interested now, but she obviously doesn't know what I'm saying or what the pictures are of, but I read to her anyway!

Oh something exciting is that since Sunday she's been sleeping on her stomach! I took the bumpers out of her crib so she doesn't smash her face into them (since she's still not skilled in rolling from front to back) and every morning I go in there to find her on her tummy, with her legs up under her and her butt in the air, with one arm hanging down through the bars on the crib. She's so cute. I got some video of her laughing when Tony changed her diaper tonight. He will tickle her and bounce her head on the couch (yes, it sounds bad, but it's not) and she'll laugh, but generally stops as soon as the video camera is out. Then she will just stare at me with a blank look on her face.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Week 18

18 Weeks old on 3/20/09

Embry is doing well. She sticks everything in her mouth, but most of the time her fist or arm are already in her mouth so she can't fit anything else in there. She talking up a storm and it's deafeningly loud. She still isn't rolling from front to back, she did it one more time, but nothing consistent. Oh I forgot to mention, the dr felt around her mouth and said she is not getting any much for that theory. She's still spitting up a bunch. I'm giving her the med the dr prescribed, but not nearly as often as he said to, woops. Interestingly enough, her diaper rash seems to be coming back even though she's on the antifungal oral meds, or maybe it's because she's on the antifungal oral meds. Hopefully it will just go away on its own.

Last weekend Tony went camping, so I had a horrible night. First off, Embry kept rolling over in her crib so I'd have to get up and flop her onto her back again. Then I'm super paranoid when I'm alone at night, so I worked myself into a sickness about someone possibly breaking in. Basically I didn't get to sleep until 2am. I hope not to repeat that in the future. I think we need to buy a gun.

This whole thing of not getting enough sleep is starting to take it's toll. I didn't go to MOPS on tuesday because it's super early and I wasn't feeling too great anyhow. I'm kind of being reminded of what it was like the first few months with Embry and going back to thinking that one child would be plenty. I'm sure I'll change my mind before next week's post. It's a never ending cycle.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Week 17

17 weeks old on 3/13/09
She says, 'Happy St. Patrick's Day!'

Embry had her 4 month appointment yesterday, well kinda.

She had the whole appointment except for the shots because when the nurse checked her temp (and she checked both ears) it was 100.4. I told the doctor that Embry has been coughing, has crusties in her eye when she wakes up, has mucous in her spit up sometimes, and boogers so basically he said she has a cold. I had the doc check out her mouth because her tongue has always been white-ish (but only her tongue) and he said it was a little bit of thrush, but I was hoping it wasn't. Anyhow, he gave her a script for nyastatin suspension which I'm supposed to put in each of her cheeks after she eats...hahaha. Anytime I try to put a liquid in her mouth with a dropper she just spits it out. The pharmacist recommended sopping it up with a q-tip then rubbing that onto her cheeks. I tried that and it worked out ok, but the first time I ended up with more on my pants and the floor than on the Q-tip. I also inquired about her spitting up 3-4 times after she eats and he said it would only be a concern if she wasn't gaining weight or if she was much older and this was still going on. He said I could start rice cereal anytime, so we tried it out last night. It went a little less than awesome, as in, she didn't like it at all. I have some funny pics on facebook of the 'nasty' face she kept making. The Dr said to bring her back for a walk-in appt in 2 weeks just so she can get her shots. That should be a real good time.

4 Month Stats:
Weight: 13 lbs, 10 oz 50th percentile
Height: 25" 80th percentile
Head Circ: 16" 50th percentile

In other news, we went to Phoenix last weekend. Embry was a pretty good baby on the trip. Luckily we did not get stuck in a traffic jam on the freeway this time. Saturday was busy because we went to our old young marrieds group leader's house in Peoria, had some Culvers for lunch, and got their baby, Jeremiah, and Embry together and took some cute pics. While I had the video camera out Embry was lying on her back on the floor, then she rolled over onto her tummy (no big surprise there) and then over onto her back again! Then we went to super target, which was GREAT, and then to Jamie's parent's house for a BBQ. Jamie's sister, Rhonda, and her husband were down from WI with their baby Maddie. We got some cute pics of Embry and Maddie, ate some good food, and played 2 rounds of family feud (where we lost, but that's only because the guys team was cheating). Embry did her 360 degree barrel roll again at the Laug's, but since then, nothing. She will not go from her tummy to her back, so Tony and I are getting a real workout with the ups and downs to flop her over again. Then Sunday we went out to lunch with Tony's family for his brother Stefan's birthday. Embry decided it was a good time to fuss as soon as mama got her food, so that was a little frustrating, but oh well.

I'm convinced that she's trying to crawl. Seriously. When she's on her tummy she'll pull her legs up underneath her and she's great at pushing her chest up with her arms, but the top of her tummy just won't lift off the ground. She kicks and kicks and I think she's made it a whole inch or two forward, but it's not for a lack of trying!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Week 16

16 Weeks Old on 3/6/09

Big news of the week is that Embry rolled over! Woohoo! She rolled from her back to her stomach yesterday while Tony and I were on the couch, so we sat up and I looked at her and go, 'she's on her stomach, she rolled over! ...I'll get the video camera!' Naturally she would not roll over for the camera, so finally I gave up and went to do the dishes. Then I heard some grunting so I came into the living room and she had rolled over again! By the end of the day she was pretty much rolling over everytime we put her on her back. This presented a problem because she would be ok on her tummy for a couple of minutes, but then get all frustrated because she coudln't roll over onto her back, so then we'd have to go turn her over...again and again and again. Last night I put her in her crib for bed after she had fallen asleep nursing and then she started crying and would't stop, so I went up there and she had rolled over in her crib and couldn't turn onto her back again. Of course then I was worried all night that she was going to roll over and suffocate herself, but she was totally fine and didn't even wake up till 7:30am to eat. Other news is that last week she started to grab her feet on her own. It's pretty cute, but she still can't or won't put them up to her mouth.

I'm babysitting my friend Kim's 9 month old baby girl Haley today. I put them in the same outfit (that I'd bought for both of them a long time ago) and took some pictures. Haley was interested in Embry for a minute, but then just turned and crawled away. It was pretty funny. I'm quickly learning that we'll have to do quite a bit of baby proofing before Embry starts crawling...good times! Surprisingly they both slept for about an hour and a half at the same time this morning, so I got the rest of the packing done for our trip to Phoenix. We're leaving as soon as Tony gets home from work and coming back sometime on Sunday. Embry gets to sleep in her play yard for 2 nights in a row, it's not nearly as comfortable as her crib, so hopefully she'll still sleep good.

Embry and I went to MOPS on Tuesday and Embry went into the nursery again. When I came to get her the ladies in there said that she was so cute, smiling and giggling the whole time. So thta was great news! If we ever get to church on a Sunday again (since we've missed the past 4 weeks, woops!) I'll put her in the nursery and hopefully she'll behave just as well. She stayed at my parent's house for young marrieds again this week and was well behaved there as well, woohoo.