Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pituitary Gland?

I talked to the dr about my hormones the other day and she wanted to recheck my thyroid first to make sure it was still in range. She said if it wasn't, that would explain all my symptoms (since messed up thyroid levels can mess up your hormone levels as well). So, they did the blood tests and I found out on Friday that the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is low, the T4 level is low, and the T3 level is on the low side of normal. I found an interesting chart online which explains it:

So now I'm wondering if there might be something wrong with my pituitary gland. The internet says that it can get damaged from blood loss or child birth etc. Anyhow, the dr increased my dose of thyroid medication so I'm really hoping it will finally do something. I'm sooo over this whole being fat thing.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It has been 0 days since our last trip to the ER...

Nola can say a few words now, besides mama and dada. She can say:
-tenk yee (thank you)
-bye bye

She also knows how to 'cuddle' her stuffed animals and give kisses (open mouth of course) and she's slowly developing the ability to use utensils. She's become a VERY picky eater and will vigorously shake her head 'no' when I try to feed her, well, almost anything. Although this shouldn't really surprise me because growing up I was known as 'Two-Bite Leatrice' meaning I'd only tolerate 2 bites of any one thing before turning it away. If only I had that problem now...

She's recently turned into a little toughie too. She stands up for herself against Embry and when she doesn't like something, oh you will know! If she doesn't want something that's on her highchair tray she will wave her hands around violently until it falls on the floor. She has severe separation anxiety whenever I leave, or leave the room, or go upstairs...basically if I'm not easy accessibly, she'll cry. Makes it a little difficult to go anywhere without her, but I'm sure she'll get over it soon enough. Embry never cared when I left or handed her over to someone else, it is actually kind of nice to be wanted this time around. :)

Embry went to the ER this morning. She had pretty bad diarrhea all day yesterday and then when she got up this morning, she laid on the floor and couch for 2 hours asleep and looking not so hot. So when the dr's office opened up, I called and left a message for the Dr. When they called back they asked when she had peed last and I said 'sometime yesterday' and their response was, 'well she needs to go to the ER then.' So after calling Tony and having him come home from work, I took her in. We got into a room right away and she fell asleep, but then woke up heaving, so I shoved the garbage can in front of her and she was awake from that point on. The dr came in after what seemed like FOREVER. He was very nice and gave her a dissolvable anti-nausea tablet and 2 popsicles to try to get her to poo. It worked and we got a stool sample but not before I spilled Embry's pee and poo all over my hand (and the bathroom floor). They tested it and said it was just a virus. Gave us a script for more anti-nausea stuff and said to give her lots of fluids (no kidding) and if she keeps it down then it should do the trick. After 4 hours in the ER we were on our way home and she fell asleep in the car, so she took a nap once we got home. Her poo is much less runny now, which is great! The dr said these usually last 24-48 hours and that the flu vaccine only protects against the high fever/cough flu, not the stomach flu...which I personally think is totally stupid but whatever.

I feel like I might be coming down with something like a cold. My throat feels scratchy and my nose is runny and clogged. I'm hoping it goes away and soon! I have an appt with my pcp on Wed to talk about my hormones being messed up, because I think they are. It would explain so many things...the bone loss, the night sweats, the incredible weight gain, the excessive sleepiness, and the fact that my last three periods were pretty wacky. I always get all revved up to go in there demanding answers and then I get there and feel bad if I speak up, but not this time! I was right about the thyroid levels and I think I know myself enough to know that something's up, so she'll just have to go along with it or listen to me blabbedy-blab for hours on end until she gives in. So there!