Friday, September 14, 2012

I'll Admit It, I Was Wrong

Nola is not my easy child.  At least not right now.  She has recently become, how shall I say it?  Difficult. Whiny.  Easily angered.  Stubborn.  Clingy.  She's pretty much at least 1 of those about 90% of her waking hours.  I have no idea what happened to my sweet little cuddle bug! 

At first I thought, well maybe she's getting a tooth, or maybe she doesn't feel well because this is not how she normally acts.  Now, months later, it has become the norm.  She's crying at LEAST 1/2 the day and I have no clue how to fix it or what she wants.  At some points, I can give her anything...water, milk, food, cookies, cuddles, hugs, hold her, swing her, take her swimming...and absolutely NOTHING will make her happy. 

Maybe it's the terrible twos starting early?  Maybe it's just a phase (Oh God, please let it just be a phase!).  You know that saying, 'this too shall pass' well what if it never passes?  What if she's like this the rest of her life?  Just a disagreeable person who is unhappy and doesn't know what she wants?  Ugh, that would so suck! 

For now I'm just going to hold onto the hope that sometime, someday, she'll be over it.  Whatever this is that she's going through, I'm going to believe that she'll come through it.  Hopefully once it's all over I'll still be sane and able to tell the tale of the happy girl who turned into a crankster only to once again turn into a happy girl.  Maybe we'll even laugh about it.  Not today though, cuz it's not funny.  Not at all.