Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm a dumb dumb, she's a dumb dumb, yady yady yady yady ya!

Let's start at the very beginning:  About 3 weeks ago I started to have a pain near my left shoulder blade. Naturally this is concerning because it felt similar to the pulmonary embolism pain, just on the other side.  It eventually moved from next to my shoulder blade to below it.  Then I got sick with a cold type thing and thought maybe it was fluid in/on my lung, so last Saturday (Oct 20) I couldn't sleep and decided to go into the ER.  They did blood work, all was well and then they did a dye CT scan to check for PEs and that was clear too (yay).  The dr said that there was no evidence of pneumonia, so they just sent me home saying it was a cold/virus.  Then throughout the week the cold continued to stay about the same/get worse.  I'd think it was getting better, then it'd get worse again, etc.  The pain in my back however, got much worse. 

Fast Forward to today:  I made an appointment over the phone this morning to see my PCP since I still have this cold thing and the pain in  my thought it might be a sinus infection and a bruised rib?  Anyhow, got an appointment at 2:30, great, my mom came in to watch the kids.  So the first issue is that the person on the phone scheduled me for tomorrow, not today.  I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me and it's getting a little old!  Anyhow, they took me anyway.  Then the dr comes in the room and I said something like, 'geez, you're quick!'  because she flung open the door without knocking or anything and she responds, 'well you're early!' as in, a day early.  I brushed it off with some mumbling about well, the appointment was today, that wasn't my fault.  Moving along, I go to the exam table and she asks what's going on.  I start out with 'well, I have been having this pain in my back for about 3 weeks...'  She immediately stops me and says, 'we can't do this today.  You need to pick ONE thing you want to talk about.  I am fitting you in, so I don't have time to do more than 1 issue, what would you like to talk about?  Your sinuses or something else?'  I'm sure I was making some disgusted face at her by this point, probably rolling my eyes, you know me, I'm not very tactful!  I said, 'well I guess we'll go with the sinuses then.  Sure the sinuses.'  Argh, I was sooo mad!  So she checked things out, said she didn't want to give me anything because my lungs were clear, I didn't have a fever, and it should just pass on its own.  Then when she's typing this all into her laptop she says, 'well now you have me really curious what you were going to start out with.  I can't give it any attention, but what were you going to tell me?'  Now this set me off into that whole gray area where you are trying to keep everything together, but you know you're on the verge of breaking into a crying fit.  I start out saying 'well I went into the ER over a week ago with this pain in my back that felt like my PE pain.  They did a dye CT and everything was clear so they sent me home.'  She goes, 'they couldn't find anything so they just sent you home and said "good luck"?'  I said, 'Yep pretty much.  Said it was a virus and no signs of pneumonia so they couldn't do anything.'  She says, 'Well you were right to go into the ER.  When did your back pain go away?'  Now I lost it.  I was trying to talk while trying to pretend that I wasn't crying when it was so ridiculously obvious that I was...lame.  Anyway, I go, 'it didn't go away, it's gotten worse!'  Now here's the kicker, she says, 'Oh.  Well that combined with the cough etc...that could be something serious.  I'm going to write you a prescription for a Z-pac. (pause, thinking)  You know, maybe we should send you in for a chest x-ray.  A lot could have changed in the last 8 days.'  OH MY GOSH, I sooo wanted to yell at her but I was completely crying by then and just trying not to snot all over myself. 

Cried in the car in the parking lot for a while, composed myself, and went to get the x-ray done since my mom was already here watching the kids.  Ugh, I hate that, it's just so humiliating for me.  I'm sure it won't show anything, but seriously, shouldn't doctors be a little more concerned about their patient's health than with getting to the next appointment on time!? 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

29 Years

Nola is talking a LOT more!  In full sentences, like a real person!  She's said things like, 'Embry take that!' or 'Embry threw my ball!'  As you can see, we have a lot of sibling conflict in our house.  Embry's new (or rather worsening) habit is to run up to Nola and just rip whatever she had out of her hands/mouth/arms.  Usually yelling something like, 'THAT'S MINE!'  If you can't tell, I kind of hate this.  I particularly get upset when someone hurts my little Nola, even if it's Embry, I can get livid.  I think we need a love and logic refresher because I'm not sure what to do about this. Although Embry can also be very sweet, like tonight on the way home, Nola dropped her ball and we couldn't get it for her, so Embry handed her ball to Nola.  Of course Nola dropped that one too, but that's beside the point.

Today is my 29th birthday!  I'm exhausted, big surprise!  My mom came over with a cake and some cards (one from her, one from the girls) and she watched the kids while I went to the Dr.  Then I met up with Anna and Aleena to have lunch at Pei Wei...lots of fun.  Then I went up to the Tucson Mall.  I LOVE that mall, but geez it's huge.  I never used to tire of shopping, but it's really not much fun when a) you have no money, b) your everything hurts, and c) you're fat.  I'd like to not make this into a 'downer' post, but I saw pics from over at my parent's house 3 days ago for my mom's bday and holy cow, I'm huge.  Seriously, like a whale.  Furthermore, the last 2 times I was at the gym I biked over 11 miles each time and ran for about 9-10 minutes...I'm starting to wonder if maybe I need more than 2 hours a day at the gym to make a dent because even high-impact stuff (running...which I'm not exactly supposed to do) isn't doing a darn thing.  Ok, back to my birthday:  Then I came home and Tony took the family out to dinner at Culvers.  I had a wonderful day and there will be more celebrating this weekend!