Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Guilt vs Shame

What is the difference between guilt and shame?  Until yesterday I pretty much used those words interchangeably.  However, it's been brought to light that guilt is a feeling of remorse for causing pain to others where shame is simply feeling that you are a bad person because you have done wrong.  
I have felt both guilt and shame a lot lately, but learning this distinction between the two made me realize that shame is definitely where I'm coming to a stand-still.  Someone on facebook posed the question a while back, 'What is your greatest fear?' and one person answered, 'to have my integrity questioned.'  That really struck me because I thought, yeah, that would really hurt me to the core.  

I am basically a 'good' person.  I'm not saying it to boast or brag, but in general I just try to do the 'right' thing, whatever that is and well, I'm not perfect.  Nobody is.  We all know this, yet I somehow thought I couldn't be swayed to go down the wrong path,but like I said, definitely not perfect over here! 

I don't want to dwell in this place of shame.  Jesus knows my heart.  He knows my struggles, he knows my thoughts (yikes, that's scary), but he also knows that I'm trying.  I think that's all we can really do in this life, keep trying.  I sit here and question if I was ever a good Godly woman (whatever that is, I don't even know), but in my heart I know that God forgave me the moment I asked.  It proves much more difficult to truly forgive myself.  

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